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Firian Rising by Carly Stevens

Firian Rising (The Tanyuin Academy Series Book 1) by [Stevens, Carly]

Strong-willed Firian Kess can create reality from his imagination, which earns him a spot in the elite Tanyuin Academy. His path collides with Kiria Arioc, spirited heir to a throne of the Western Kingdom, who, despite having abilities of her own, doubts her ability to lead. To succeed, they must navigate enemies, intrigue, and their own demons.

Carly Stevens

Carly Stevens lives and writes in beautiful Colorado, where she drinks coffee, enjoys the mountains, and teaches high school students about Hamlet and A Tale of Two Cities. She plans to keep writing adventure-filled fantasy novels about courage and hope. 

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Book Review by Kimberly Livingston

YA… Fantasy… you bet when I first read about this book I offered to review an advance copy. In her debut novel – and Book One in the Tanyuin Academy Series – Carly Stevens’ flair for world-building and characters is apparent. Ms. Stevens does an exceptional job of setting the stage for what is to come, both in this novel and the next. 

The cover, with its dichotomy of the ethereal and earthly forged, is a terrific teaser for what this world is about. At 466 pages, with a sequel already in the works, there will be many a teenager (and adult reader!) who will fall headlong down the novel’s plot line. 

I have to admit, the title alone is what first got me excited. The story begins with Firian (best fantasy character name ever) and his quest to be accepted into the Academy. Few students are deemed worthy to join the ranks of those that grace the academy’s halls. The Tanyuin Academy isn’t just another school – it is for a mysterious group of specialized talents that serve to protect the realm.

Firian Rising is out on Kindle, Hard Cover, and Paperback on July 15th and is available now. 

The other main character, Kiria, is already next in line to accept her place of power. Despite this, however, she is not nearly as confident with her rightful place. As much as I hate to see female characters doubt themselves to begin with, this will connect with most readers and the end will justify the means. 

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