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| Disturbance by Marianne Kavanagh |

You don’t know what’s going on in Sara’s house… Or in her head.

Sara is lonely. No one talks to her – not even her bad-tempered workaholic husband or her two beloved sons. Her solace is her house, the biggest in the village, hidden away behind high hedges.

Then she strikes up a friendship with Katie, a college student living nearby, and a new world opens up. Her neighbours have been dying to get to know her, and they rush to help when Sara is devastated by a terrible accident.

But nothing is quite what it seems. And when new betrayals and shocking revelations disturb her peace, Sara realises she has no choice: she must act to protect the safety of those she loves.

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A while back I posted my book review of Marianne Kavanagh’s Disturbance. At the end of my review I had some questions for the author. Marianne was so kind as to email me the replies. Which was so exciting to receive and read. When I have been asked that question “what is your favourite book of the year”. My reply has been consistent, Disturbance is my pick. It may only be June but I think about the characters and the book a lot. The plot is pure genius and I yearn for it to become a series.

You can read my full spoiler free review here.

I hope you enjoy it as much as me and if you have read it and want to discuss it then hit me up.

Let’s have a look at Marianne Kavanagh’s answers.

I would love to know if the author plans out her story before she writes it or if she writes as it comes to her.

I really should have planned Disturbance properly, but I didn’t, and because of that it took a long time to write. Originally, I told the story from Katie’s point of view, and there was a whole sub-plot with her friend Anna. But it just wasn’t working. In the end I threw it away and started again. It was so painful getting rid of all that work, but I’m really glad I did because I think the story is much more disturbing from Sara’s point of view. Maybe sometimes you have to do everything the wrong way before you work out what the right way is. I was at a friend’s book launch the other day, chatting to three other novelists who had all just ditched their first draft and were starting all over again.

Where did the idea for Disturbance come from?

I was reading a lot of Patricia Highsmith, and thinking about how she manages to make you sympathise with people who are behaving badly – liars, thieves, even murderers. In Deep Water, for example, the main character isn’t the gentle family man he first appears. I was also thinking about the Seven Deadly Sins, and how we quite admire things like lust, greed and pride these days – it’s OK to be selfish and grab hold of what you want, even if this hurts other people. So I knew I wanted to write about good and evil, and how people justify their actions even if they’ve committed terrible crimes. Mike came into my head first – I just had a mental picture of this big angry man losing his temper and shouting at everyone around him.

Would you write more stories from the village from another character’s perspective perhaps?

It could work, couldn’t it? I think there’s a story behind Rachel, the maths teacher (in fact, in the first draft, there was quite a lot about her husband, who liked taking engines apart on the kitchen table), and I’d love to write more about Grace, the beautician, and her boyfriend Ryan. But I think it depends on how many people like Disturbance, and if anyone wants me to carry on.

I think the book would make for a superb Sunday night BBC drama, who would be your favourite actors to play Sarah and Katie?

I don’t describe Sara’s physical appearance in Disturbance, which makes casting a bit easier. But whoever plays her would have to use clothes and make-up to become ordinary-looking and unremarkable, as Sara doesn’t like standing out from the crowd. She doesn’t give a lot away about how she’s feeling, either – she’s very cool and controlled. I think Rosamund Pike (An EducationGone GirlA United Kingdom) or Ruth Wilson (Jane EyreLutherMrs Wilson) would be brilliant, as they can both play quiet, observant people whose emotions are kept tightly in check.

Katie is described as small, with shiny dark hair and big eyes. She’s eighteen, but a very young eighteen – trusting, innocent and easily moved to tears. I’d love Raffey Cassidy (The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Tomorrowland, Vox Lux) or Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, The Falling) to play her.

OMG I love these answers, I really think the picks for the characters is dead on. I am all for Disturbance to become a series and a tv show or mini series.

More more more, please.

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