WE ARE FEMINIST- Foreword by Helen Pankhurst Illustrated by Rebecca Strickson @modernbooks @alisonmenziespr #LoveBooks

| WE ARE FEMINIST An Infographic History of the Women’s Rights Movement Foreword by Helen Pankhurst Illustrated by Rebecca Strickson |

Full of facts and figures, snappy quotes, events, infographics, statistics and key dates, We Are Feminist is a visual timeline celebrating 150 years of achievements of feminism. We Are Feminist tells a visual story in a fun way, through dozens of bright infographics and fascinating timelines, interspersed with quotes from the inspirational women who have leant their voices to the cause. Clear and inspiring content is presented in an appealing infographic style, making it the perfect introduction to modern feminism. Split into three waves of feminism (from the 1840s onwards, 1960s onwards and 1990s onwards), it includes standalone sections on everything from Women in Print , Women in Science and Women in Art to Second Wave Feminist Theory, and comes right up to date with Women in Social Media. Full of surprises, an international historical perspective is provided by colourful, thought-provoking infographics on subjects such as Legalizing Divorce, Abortion and Property Rights, Parental Leave Policies around the World and the First Democratically elected Female Leaders. Published in Women’s History Month (March 2019), it celebrates the legacy left by trailblazers before us, and reminds us that we should look forward to the future of the movement too. Easy to dip in and out of, it is sure to provide a jolt of empowerment to the next generation of feminists.

“This book is portable, transportable, ‘regeneratable’. It can travel to any house in any corner of the world; it can be a companion in a journey of discovery for young people everywhere. And finally, this book is a call to action – a reminder that through small steps and larger ones, we can all make a difference and create a better world for all.”

Helen Pankhurst

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