#TourRecap In Her Words by J.S. Ellis @Joannewriter #LoveBooksTours

Here is a look back from the In Her Words by J.S. Ellis blog tour last week. Handy links to all the reviews and exclusive features.

In Her Words by J.S. Ellis

This was a really dark thriller that hooked me from the beginning! Goodreads review. One night. One woman. One Man. One Mystery. When Sophie Knight wakes up and sees bruises on her body, she has no recollection of what happened to her, but she knows she has more to hide. Her alcoholism, something she tries to conceal from her husband, and resulting haze, has once again muddied the details of a night out.Even though Sophie seems to have it all—she’s beautiful, lives in a swanky apartment, has a thriving career and a devoted husband—she’s looking for something more. When gorgeous and fun-loving Michael Frisk walks into her life, she can’t resist.Then strange things start to happen—unsettling notes in her mailbox, mysterious phone calls, and she suspects that someone is following her. Is Michael the cause of her trouble? Or is he the only one she should trust?

The Tour

Blue Mood Café
Short Book and Scribes
Go Book Yourself
Nicki`s Life Of Crime 
eBook Addicts
Chat About Books
everywhere and nowhere
b for bookreview

Thank you to all the book bloggers who took part in the tour.

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