Armour Piercing by Peter Aengenheister @fayerogersuk, @authoright @PeterAengenheis #LoveBooks

Armour Piercing by Peter Aengenheister

A defecting Russian space scientist, awaiting debrief, is in a Warwickshire safe house that comes under attack by an assassination squad. He escapes with plans for a conspiracy involving key members of secret services across the Western world. The only person he knows in the UK, or could possibly trust, is Pete Armour, the man who was to be his de-briefer. Killed before he can reach safety, he has hidden the secret papers where only Armour could ever find them. Armour becomes the target when he and a female newspaper reporter find themselves thrust together and on the run from at least two secret service agencies and British Intelligence, who seem more hell bent on killing him than helping him. And there is a price to pay. There’s always a price to pay. This is the first of the Armour trilogy. A gripping read. Fast-paced, a thriller packed with action, twists and turns.

Favourite Places to Write/Read by PEter AENGENHEISTER

  • I have it in my mind’s eye… because it hasn’t been created yet. I can however describe it to you… First it is a room with a view (ha, ha!). preferably an elevated, rural position. In the room there are a few very important things. Books, books, books on every wall; a large leather-topped oak desk with my computer slightly incongruously placed upon it; a large leather tilt and turn Captain’s chair, for when hard at work, and a very large, soft leather, corner sofa for either hard thinking, hard sleeping or hard drinking. A large dog, probably another Northern Inuit called Shy2, will be resting in the corner, or waiting to go out for a walk in the woods and fields, (which will help to keep me almost relatively fit).
  • My best time for writing is usually between 10pm and 4am, and I do prefer writing at my office desk. I find it more comfortable than trying to balance the laptop when I’m on the sofa or in bed. The complete opposite holds sway when simply reading for pleasure.
  • I should also say that I get a lot of pleasure from the research for my writing…. And it does make me slightly a full of useless information, but I quite like that.

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