#TourRecap with Eden Interrupted by Beverley Harvey @BevHarvey_ @UrbaneBooks #LoveBooksTours

We had a fabulous tour for Eden Interrupted by Beverley Harvey. On this post you will find all the book blogger stops and quick links.

Eden Interrupted: A heartwarming and emotional page turner about love, life and laughter by [Harvey, Beverley]


90s popstar Ben Wilde and his bride Lisa return from honeymoon to find a cuckoo in the nest and a surprise European tour in the diary.

Lisa befriends neighbour Rosemary, who is also home alone while husband Nigel travels for work. But will the women’s grim suspicions be confirmed, or does absence make the heart grow paranoid?

In the village, Eden Hill’s coffee shop is under new management with the arrival of divorced Mum, Chloe, and troubled teen son, Jake. But serving flat whites leaves Chloe feeling, well, flat until she meets Caleb, a widowed father of two; if only Jake and Caleb weren’t at loggerheads.

New to Eden Hill are Jan and Martin Bevan, but a frosty reception leaves them wondering if they’ve made a huge mistake.

From the writer of Seeking Eden, Eden Interrupted is another sizzling slice-of-life drama where paths (and swords) cross, and misunderstandings abound. Perfect for fans of Fiona Gibson and Marian Keyes.




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Thank you to all the amazing book bloggers that took part in the tour.

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