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Perfect Crime by Helen Fields

Your darkest moment is your most vulnerable…

Stephen Berry is about to jump off a bridge until a suicide prevention counsellor stops him. A week later, Stephen is dead. Found at the bottom of a cliff, DI Luc Callanach and DCI Ava Turner are drafted in to investigate whether he jumped or whether he was pushed…

As they dig deeper, more would-be suicides roll in: a woman found dead in a bath; a man violently electrocuted. But these are carefully curated deaths – nothing like the impulsive suicide attempts they’ve been made out to be.

Little do Callanach and Turner know how close their perpetrator is as, across Edinburgh, a violent and psychopathic killer gains more confidence with every life he takes…

An unstoppable crime thriller from the #1 bestseller. The perfect read for fans of Karin Slaughter and M. J. Arlidge.

Review by Kelly Lacey

I think the key to longevity in books or a top Netflix series is the familiarity and feelings that come with reading about or seeing your favourite characters. Actually not just your favourite ones, the annoying ones also bring forth that same feeling. So over the years, I would say that the Perfect series by Helen Fields has done that for me. It is an Edinburgh, crime fiction series that started in 2017 and we are now onto book five. Book five, wow, even as I type it I can’t quite believe it.

The team that Helen Fields has created are superb I have loved getting to know them and watching them grow and learn in each book. Some of them have been in such harrowing situations I have found it quite tough to read at times and very emotional. I care so much about these characters. That tells you how well written they are and that you really do get a bond with them. As you follow them on the journey, haunting them as the reader, a ghost at their fictional side.

Perfect Crime ticks all the usual boxes I would expect from Helen Fields, fast-paced, engaging, gory, clever plotting and then this time we have something extra on top. We have a lot about feelings in the books. It brings with it an inside glance into the minds of our beloved characters.

As always Edinburgh and its surrounding towns stars as the backdrop for our journey. It is always an added bonus to have been where the characters have been in the story. You can visualise it in your head and you know the noises and smells that are in that particular place so it heightens the enjoyment of the story for me.

Absolutely loved it and I just can’t wait to read book six. If you haven’t read this series then what are you waiting for? Although all the books can be read as a standalone I would highly recommend starting with Perfect Remains.

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The book launch of Perfect Remains.

Being a book fairy for Perfect Prey and the Edinburgh launch.

Thank you to Sabah and Avon Books for my review copy, gifted in exchange for an honest review.

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3 thoughts on “Perfect Crime by Helen Fields @Helen_Fields @AvonBooks #BookReview

  1. I love discovering Edinburgh with this series. I agree about the key to longetivity. Helen has a way to make you feel comfy in Ava and Luc’s world, it’s like meeting friends each time. Wonderful review, dear Kelly xx


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