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So today as I went to collect the Sunday Post newspaper my heart was bouncing out of my chest like it does on the cartoon characters. It was a nervous excitement and also the anxiousness of the unknown.

Rewind a couple of weeks previous and I was sitting at my desk and I sent out a Tweet saying how excited I was about Mrs Hinch’s new book. The next day Anna Hinds from The Sunday Post contacted me to ask if I would do an interview. Which I did and then at the end of the phone call Anna said and when can the photo desk contact you to arrange a photograph.

Now if you know me in my real life I love a selfie and taking photographs with friends. But to have someone come into my space was a different experience altogether.

The feature is all about the impact that Sophie aka Mrs Hinch has had on millions of people. Through her Instagram account she has brought together so many people. With her love of cleaning and sharing her life with Jamie (hubby) and Henry (furbaby) she really shows you her day to day without all the frills. Her account has opened up a whole new world to people who suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. All the people who post on Instagram to say how much their lives have changed because of Mrs Hinch.

I think it’s really beautiful the account is always positive, happy and most of all honest.

You can follow Mrs Hinch too:

So my interview was all about that and I love how it turned out. Here are some photos from today’s article.

Thanks so much to Anna Hinds for a unique, fun and important experience.

Mrs Hinch – Hinch Yourself Happy

From the back of the book

Cleaning – aka hinching – doesn’t have to be that job you dread, not when Mrs Hinch is here to show you her sparkly ways.

At over 2 million followers and counting, she has taken the nation by storm with her infectiously addictive charm, clever tidying tips and passionate belief in cleaning. Mrs Hinch invites you into her home and while inside you’ll discover how a spot of cleaning is the perfect way to cleanse the soul. She’ll even share the story of Mr and Mrs Hinch and their ‘dorgeous’ boy, Henry.

Inside you’ll find out:

– How cleaning can soothe anxiety and stress
– Mrs Hinch’s must-haves
– Step-by-step guides to hinching your home 
– And so much more!

With the help of her cloth family, Mrs Hinch will help you turn your house into a home. Whether you’re a daily duster or looking for a monthly makeover, Hinch Yourself Happy shows you how to create not only a cleaner house, but a calmer you.

If you want your kitchen to sparkle like Meghan Markle, then this is the book for you.

In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog
contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for us (at no extra cost for you).

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