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On Love Books Group today Tanya Kaanta reviews Born of Nothing by Jill Ramsower.

Born of Nothing by Jill Ramsower

It was over before it began.

A druid woman and a Fae man—we were two people from different worlds, only by chance did our paths happen to cross. He was beautiful and damaged and totally captivating. If only I could have continued to buy into the propaganda of fear and hate my people had taught me about the Fae, then maybe I would have believed him to be the savage he appeared to be. 

Instead, I offered the cryptic man my help. The time I spent with him allowed me to see the man he was behind the chiseled, formal exterior. What developed between us was tender, intimate, and totally unexpected. 

My druid family was not as enlightened as I was. My mom didn’t want me near the Fae; she certainly never would have understood that I had developed feelings for a Fae man. I tried to keep my private life a secret. I tried to keep the peace, but my mother’s threats and intolerance left me with no choice. I had to make the hardest decision of my life. I had to leave the only family I’d ever known. I just never imagined what I’d face when I didn’t make it out in time…

**This is the forth book in The Fae Games Series but can be read as a standalone novel.
Warning: This is NOT a Young Adult novel! It contains scenes with graphic violence and mature sexual content.

Review by Tanya Kaanta

Born of Nothing by Jill Ramsower

Born of Nothing is the fourth book in the Fae Games Series by Jill Ramsower. While this can be a standalone, I highly recommend reading books one through three before grabbing this one. You’ll learn more about the characters and I believe it will make the reading experience more complete.

First off, in case you are new to the story, Shadow Play begins our series. We meet Becca, a sassy New Yorker who longs to work as a curator in one of the big museums. However, she finds a job in Ireland of all places. Once in Ireland, weird things occur. And she’s fairly certain it has to do with a necklace given to her when she was young. A necklace that refuses to budge from her neck.

Without too many spoilers, the necklace has magical powers and introduces her to the world of Fae, of which some are living on Earth.

Now, friends, this series is an adult fantasy romance series. And the first two books center on Becca and Lochlan, a fae who is also a hunter, one who takes out undesirable fae if they happen to sneak their way to Earth. And friends, there’s a lot of tension and chemistry. By the time we get to book two, Twilight Siege, I am wanting this couple to procreate so badly. They’d have cute kids…

Shades of Betrayal is a standalone in the series and centers on Becca’s best friend, Ashely. Again, without giving away any spoilers, Ashley is drawn into the Fae world with Becca. Shades of Betrayal is about her Happily Ever After with Michael, another Fae hunter.

Finally, we arrive at book four, Born of Nothing. During Twilight Siege, we’re introduced to Fenodree, a Fae man who was banished to isolation for marrying a human – centuries earlier. He’s escaped and now has his own *finally* Happily Ever After, with an unlikely match – a Druid woman who has grown up believing the Fae are evil and should be destroyed.

Not for the feign of heart, Born of Nothing has some difficult scenes of psychological abuse in captivity. But I felt the author did an excellent job of creating the scene, not being gratuitous, and then allowing us to understand how the transformations occur over time.

So, do I recommend the series? For sure. This series is definitely not Young Adult as the stories contain graphic scenes and adult sexual content. The female characters can be silly sometimes, as they are in their twenties, but I felt it was age-appropriate. Also, while there were some instances where I felt some of the characters in Ireland sounded a bit more American, it didn’t take away from enjoying the story. Though to be fair, I’m American and not as aware of common Irish expressions and slang.

Regardless, the story is fun, has some dark moments, and lots of chemistry. It’s not a series that’s going to save the world or win a Pulitzer, but it does its job just perfectly by entertaining. And giving me that HEA I so covet.

His eyes consumed me like I was the very air he breathed, and I could trust that it wasn’t just a show.

He cared for me, but to what extent I wasn’t sure. The only thing I could be sure of was that I was becoming hopelessly lost for him.

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