#BookishLifestyle – My new bookish inspired Yoshi Bag @yoshibags #Books #BookBlogger

For a couple of years now I have looked at my friends Yoshi Bags and been in awe.  They are gorgeous and I had total bookish bag envy. For me they would be an investment. But I really thought I would never have that “spare cash” that I would be able to afford one. 

About two years ago I started to fill and old sweet jar with loose change and the occasional £1 coin.  Then the jar moved downstairs (brilliant, genius move) and everyone in the house started to put change into it. At Christmas time when we prepared the living room for the decorations, I moved the jar back up to my room. 

The other day I went onto the Yoshi site to look at the bags and BAM they have a 50% sale on. The bag I wanted was almost half price. Then a pop up comes on the screen 10% discount code for entering in your email. I don’t have any cash that I could use for the bag. Then I remember the JAR. I count it all out and we as a household have £189. I gave my folks the £89 and I bought two book that I have been wanting for ages and then, drum roll, please……


I did it, I went onto to Yoshi and I got my bag. I also had enough to get a matching coral purse and glasses case.

It came the very next day, here is it. What do you think? I absolutely adore it. All the items comes very well packed with their own sleeve to protect them from sunlight. 

The sale is still on today, I will pop some links below. I was not paid to promote the bag. I paid for my own bag. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the product. It’s my Valentine’s Day gift to myself.  

There are lots of different bookworm bag styles.

There are also matching accessories. I really loved the purse that matched my bag, but I wanted to make the most of my cash.

Here is the link to buy your own – https://www.yoshi.co.uk/collections/bookworm-leather-bags-handbags

Let me know what you think of my new bag. I really have waited a very long time for it and I am really lucky to have it.

Happy Valentines Day from my house to yours. 

Kelly xx


Kelly xx

18 thoughts on “#BookishLifestyle – My new bookish inspired Yoshi Bag @yoshibags #Books #BookBlogger

      1. No I am not really a bag type person obviously I have one 🤣 but don’t collect a lot, I’ve got a lovely plum one from Joules that’s my standard bag now


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