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I am so happy to be on day one of the Only When It’s Love by Olivia Spring book blog tour. This gem of a book was a real delight to read and really insightful too. Happy publication day to Olivia Spring. This book deserves to fly high, it ticks all the boxes and has a really important message at its core.

💫 Only When It’s Love by Olivia Spring

-Back of the Book

Anxiety has become the only thing Abigail Hartley can count on. She’s jobless, dreamless, loveless and stuck living with her parents—it’s not exactly the 22 she had in mind. But when tragic news rattles the Hartley household and years of secrecy begin to surface, Abigail can no longer hide behind her fears. She joins forces with her sarcastic, pre-teen sister and heads to the only place that might have the answers she’s looking for. One month in Georgia is all it takes to change everything Abigail knows about, well…everything.

Alex’s love life is a disaster. Will accepting a crazy seven-step dating challenge lead to more heartbreak or help her find Mr Right?

Alex is tired of getting ghosted. After years of disastrous hook-ups and relationships that lead to the bedroom but nowhere else, Alex is convinced she’s destined to be eternally single. Then her newly married friend Stacey recommends what worked for her: a self-help book that guarantees Alex will find true love in just seven steps. Sounds simple, right? 

Except Alex soon discovers that each step is more difficult than the last, and one of the rules involves dating, but not sleeping with a guy for six months. Absolutely no intimate contact whatsoever. Zero. Nada. Rien. A big challenge for Alex, who has never been one to hold back from jumping straight into the sack, hoping it will help a man fall for her. 

Will any guys be willing to wait? Will Alex find her Mr Right? And if she does, will she be strong enough to resist temptation and hold out for true love?

Join Alex on her roller coaster romantic journey as she tries to cope with the emotional and physical ups and downs of dating whilst following a lengthy list of rigid rules.

Only When It’s Love is a standalone, fun, feel-good, romantic comedy by British author Olivia Spring, about self-acceptance, determination, love and the challenge of finding the one.

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💫 Review 

Through my late teens and early twenties, romantic comedies and chick lit were my absolute favourite genre. From Olivia Goldsmith to Sophie Kinsella my first love was snuggling up with a light-hearted novel.

Now many years later I don’t really read a lot of that genre. Maybe my belief in the happy ever after is tainted or maybe I have been turned by crime fiction or young adult dystopian series. It could also be the back and forth of will, they won’t they that drives me potty and I lose interest in the story. So I don’t read romcoms a lot but for the odd blog tour, I will.

Thank goodness I said yes to Olivia Spring because Only When It’s Love is something totally unique and wonderful. At its roots, it is a love of story but there is zero mushiness and the protagonist in the story is a modern day woman who has self-confidence and a successful career.

Alex has had a lot of bad first dates and her perception of what is expected from her in regards to sex is very warped. When the guys don’t call back she begins to see a pattern. Her friend Stacey gives her a self-help book that has seven helpful steps. The main one is no sex for six months. No spoilers this is all on the back of the book. To Alex, this seems as drastic as no food for six months. Can she do it? Well, that is the journey the book takes you on.

The book made me laugh out loud at certain points which actually shocked me. That doesn’t happen often everything is usually inside my head. But Olivia Spring is very funny and the writing is fast-paced and its refreshing to who have a character who is confident in herself.

Sex is everywhere nowadays, especially on reality television shows. Where if they do the deed it is seen as some sort of achievement. What kind of impression and guidance does it give to young men and women? Not a good one. From dating apps that you swipe left or right based on looks. That is why Olivia’s book has a brilliant message about self-worth. This isn’t about being old fashioned and waiting to have sex until after marriage. No, it’s about doing what is right for you. Having that self-worth and waiting for the right man/women.

This is most definitely a five-star read for me. I loved the ending, the middle and the beginning. It was all fantastic I would love a series with Alex as she is just brilliant.

Olivia Spring brings to life an important modern take on the rom-com. Every singleton be it a woman or man should read this book!

By Kelly Lacey – Love Books Group

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Olivia Spring kindly gave us three signed copies of Only When It’s Love and a £15 Amazon Gift Card.

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End 14.02.2019 – The UK only.

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2 thoughts on “#BookReview – Only When It’s Love by Olivia Spring @ospringauthor #BookLove #BookBlogger #Giveaway #RomCom

  1. I kind of love this? I didn’t see the problem of her waiting for six months before sleeping with a guy but then I read on and saw that she though this was how to keep a guy. I feel like a lot women think this these days. So many women these dogs talk about sex on television and social media all the time but it’s not going to get a guy to stay with you if he thinks you are just a one night stand. Too bad this giveaway is UK only. I love how you laughed out loud. I haven’t done that in a while. I think the last time was a Camilla Isley book.



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