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Today we launch out new author feature, What Book? with author Sarah Flint. Mummy’s Favourite is out now in all formats. It is published by Aria Fiction.

💫 Mummy’s Favourite by Sarah Flint

Mummy's Favourite: Top 10 bestselling serial killer thriller (DC Charlotte Stafford Series Book 1) by [Flint, Sarah]

-Back of the Book

He’s watching… He’s waiting… Who’s next?

Buried in a woodland grave are a mother and her child. One is alive. One is dead. DC ‘Charlie’ Stafford is assigned by her boss, DI Geoffrey Hunter to assist with the missing person investigation, where mothers and children are being snatched in broad daylight.

As more pairs go missing, the pressure mounts. Leads are going cold. Suspects are identified but have they got the right person? Can Charlie stop the sadistic killer whose only wish is to punish those deemed to have committed a wrong? Or will she herself unwittingly become a victim.

A gripping, heart stopping serial killer read not for the faint hearted.. Perfect for the fans of Karin Slaughter.

What people are saying about MUMMY’S FAVOURITE: ‘This book hooked me in from the start’ ‘This is fast paced crime writing at its best’ ‘If you like stories that keep you on the edge of your seat then this is for you’ ‘Kept me guessing right up to the end’

💫  What Book? Author Feature with Sarah Flint

About the author

With a Metropolitan Police career spanning 35 years, Sarah has spent her adulthood surrounded by victims, criminals and police officers. She continues to work and lives in London with her partner and has three older daughters.

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Twitter: @SarahFlint19
Facebook: @SarahFlintBooks

-What Book?

  • What book inspired your love of reading as a child?
The Famous Five Collection 1: Books 1-3 (Famous Five: Gift Books and Collections) by [Blyton, Enid]

As a child of the 60’s and 70’s my most memorable reading was from Enid Blyton, mainly the Famous Five series. I loved to read the adventures of Julian, Dick, Anne, cousin George and their dog Timmy. I don’t remember having a favourite book because I enjoyed them all. I’m sure it was reading these exciting tales that inspired my love for adventure and the great outdoors too. I like nothing better than scaling mountains, tramping along beaches and exploring Nature’s treasures.

  • What book took your breath away?
Image result for Apple Tree Yard’ by Louise Doughty

I loved ‘Appletree Yard’ by Louise Doughty. I thought the way it was written was different to the normal and it held my attention completely. The sexual tension kept the plot tight and it was the twist at the end that took my breath away. I didn’t see it coming at all. I like courtroom dramas, although I always loathed giving evidence myself. I’m always partial to Jodi Picoult’s moral dilemmas for the same reason and have recently enjoyed ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’ by Sarah Vaughan too, as it’s in the same vein.

  • What book made you laugh out loud?
Image result for roald dahl the bfg

This one is difficult as, these days I tend to stick to crime, drama, historical fiction or real-life stories. So I have to look back to my younger days, reading the likes of ‘It shouldn’t happen to a vet’. Some of the situations were very humorous, as well as horrendous – and had me howling with laughter – more slap-stick than witty but very funny. I also have to say I loved to join my daughters in laughing at the likes of Roald Dahl and his bizarrely funny characters.

  • What book made you shout at its pages?

I read a book recently which had me, not only shouting at its pages – but moaning about it to all who would listen. I don’t want to name it as I know the author will have put a lot of time and effort into its writing and I respect that. It was a psychological thriller – but for me, it was totally unbelievable. Maybe, after 35 years in the police, I am hard-wired to react differently because it had a lot of 5* reviews but it got me so annoyed I could barely get to the conclusion. It did, however, make me realise how subjective each book is and not to be upset at any bad reviews. The book was perfectly well written – it just wasn’t for me.

  • What book made you cry real tears?
Image result for No language but a cry’ by Dr Richard D'Ambrosio

A book called ‘No language but a cry’ by Dr Richard D’Ambrosio. It was the true story of a girl’s fight to survive after literally being burnt alive as a baby, in a frying pan, by her abusive parents. Even just writing this brings the horror at the depths of depravity to which some human beings stoop, forcefully to mind. The strength of the young girl in overcoming the physical and mental scarring and how, with the help of the writer, she eventually meets her potential is inspirational.

I sometimes wonder whether this book was instrumental in my choice of career.

  • What book has stayed with you always?

I feel like I’m cheating a bit but it would be the same book as above. It stuck with me for life. I’ve recently bought a second hand copy of it and aim to read it again to see if it has the same impact.

  • What book taught you the most?
Toddler Taming Tips

When I was pregnant with my first daughter I remember my sister-in-law recommending a book called ‘Toddler Taming’ by Dr Christopher Green. I bought it and read it from cover to cover. It gave tips on all subjects relating to child care and dealing with troublesome two year olds. I pretty much followed every tip to the letter, and today I have a fantastic relationship with my three daughters, all of whom I am very proud!

  • What book would you give to a stranger?
Image result for oliver book

Well, apart from mine obviously J – it would have to be a classic I think. I enjoyed reading Charles Dickens books, maybe Oliver or A Christmas Carol, as they always seemed to reflect the more ‘human’ side of how life in our country used to be in Dickensian times.

Then the stranger could compare life in mid-nineteenth century Britain to how it is now – some might say that it was better then!!. 

Thank you so much, Sarah, for being the first author to partake in my new feature. 

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