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Today, I want to tell you all about The Reckoning by Linda Tweedie. A book that is published by Fledgling Press. It is just one of the books in our January giveaway.

💫 The Reckoning by Linda Tweedie

The Reckoning (Coyle Trilogy) by [Tweedie, Linda]

Back of the Book

From the glamorous resort of Marbella to the mean, dark and dangerous East End of Glasgow, The Reckoning follows the next generation of bitter enemies stalking the Coyles. The unknown enemy leaves a trail of death and despair and pushes the Coyle family to the brink of destruction. A tale of sadistic murder and extortion where there can be only one winner. The Reckoning is the third book in the Coyle trilogy continuing the drama brought to you in The Silence and The Betrayal.

💫 Authors
LINDA TWEEDIE and co-author KATE McGREGOR live (separately) in East Lothian, enjoying semi-retirement from their previous escapades in the hospitality trade. Between them, they’ve generated years worth of stories from working behind a bar, planning sexy parties and ignoring customers’ requests that they should write a book. However, the time came when the pair decided to be mistresses of their own destiny, and so they embarked upon their journey as writers. Tweedie and McGregor have co-authored several books, including The Life series, the first of which, Life Behind Bars, was a finalist in The People’s Book Prize, shortly followed by the bestselling Coyle Trilogy: The Silence, The Betrayal and The Reckoning. Danube Street is their first stand-alone novel, and if you want to read about crime and debauchery from two of Scotland’s biggest partners in crime, you’ll love this.

She grew up in Edinburgh, worked in a printers there when she was fifteen and, later, was a Mother of the Chapel in Milton Keynes where she now lives.

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