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💫 LIFE, DEATH and CELLOS by Isobel Rogers

Welcome to my stop on the book tour for Life, Death and Cellos. My thanks to the author Isobel Rogers and publisher Farrago Books.

💫 Life, Death and Cellos

Life, Death and Cellos (The Stockwell Park Orchestra Series Book 1) by [Rogers, Isabel]

Back of the Book

What with love affairs, their conductor dropping dead, a stolen cello and no money, Stockwell Park Orchestra is having a fraught season.

After Mrs Ford-Hughes is squashed and injured by a dying guest conductor mid-concert, she and her husband withdraw their generous financial backing, leaving the orchestra broke and unsure of its future.

Cellist Erin suggests a recovery plan, but since it involves their unreliable leader, Fenella, playing a priceless Stradivari cello which then goes missing, it’s not a fool-proof one. Joshua, the regular conductor, can’t decide which affair to commit to, while manager David’s nervous tic returns at every doom-laden report from the orchestra’s treasurer.

There is one way to survive, but is letting a tone-deaf diva sing Strauss too high a price to pay? And will Stockwell Park Orchestra live to play another season?

💫Review by Kelly Lacey
Format – Digital – Kindle
Pages – 247
Rating:  Five Stars

We join the members’ of the orchestra during there rehearsal. They have a stand-in conductor who sadly has an epic departure from the world that has heinous consequences on the orchestra. We enjoy snippets from some of the members’ live’s and the secrets and lies that they hold close to their chest or cello case in this instance are revealed throughout the novel.

This debut novel from Isabel Rogers really caught me by surprise. From the cover and the description, I was expecting a cosy crime fiction read. Which it is miles and miles away from.  It is so very hard to label the genre of the book. It’s literary fiction mixed with women’s fiction with a hint of comedy and threaded through is a slither of crime. A pick n mix if you like of varying genres.

It is apparent that Ms Rogers has a love and expertise in music. There are quite a few parts of the book that is technical heavy. At first, I enjoyed reading a little bit of who was playing what and how but after a while it became a little heavy for me. I know the author is passionate and that’s apparent but as a reader, it was a little too much.  What made the book a five star read for me personally was the characters, those chapters were the most exciting and engaging for me. Beautifully written with heart and I really would have loved much more about them and less about how the Orchestra plays etc.

As I read I started to listen to the music on my Alexa gadget that they were playing/practising in the book. It made for a lovely added extra to my reading experience. Plus I enjoyed discovering some gorgeous music to add to my background playlist.

The cover is beautiful and I really cannot wait to find out what happens to the characters in this series. Overall it was a really enjoyable and creative read. A massive five stars from me. This book was written with so much love it bursts from the pages.

Bravo Ms Rogers!

My Star Ratings Explained:

💫💫💫 Good, worth adding to your TBR.

💫💫💫💫 Excellent, really enjoyable.

💫💫💫💫💫 AMAZING, buy it today, I loved it.

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