What is the Bookly App? #BookishNews #Readers #BookBlogger @bookoutapp

💫 Welcome

Hello, I keep mentioning my use of Bookly in my posts but I haven’t really explained what it is. So here is a very brief outline of how I use the app.

💫 Bookly App

So here is how the Bookly app looks on your mobile or tablet device.


At the moment I only use the free version but may update at a later date. I use Goodreads to log all my books and I love it. I use Bookly to record my reading times. It helps me allocate my time accurately to know when I will finish the book and how long I need to set aside.

As you read more the Bookly app learns your speeds.


Find you more and download the app for a test run today here:

This is not a paid advert, I genuinely use the product every day and I wanted to share it with other readers.

Thanks for stopping by today. If you could leave a like and share that would be awesome and I would be so grateful.

Happy Reading!

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