#Bookish Weekly Wrap Up 6th – 12th Jan #BookChat #BookNews #BookBlogger

💫 Welcome to Love Books Group Blog

It is time for my second weekly wrap up of 2019.

💫Wrap up for 6th -12th January

I hope you had a great start to the year. Did you set yourself any reading goals? I set my goal to 100 on Goodreads. But I think whether you read 20 or 200 it doesn’t matter, everyone is different and that good.

I hear people talking on Bookstagram about how they skim read very fast. That is not me, I like to read every word and if I think I missed a bit I will go back and read that chapter or page again.

I’m an emotional reader, I like to be welcomed into the story almost like a Ghost and if I don’t connect emotionally with the characters I find it hard to read it. That emotion can be both positive and negative in nature. I don’t have to like the characters, but I might be invested in them enough to want to read more.

I also know that people read a book differently, some visualise the book and it plays like a movie, you create a look for your character etc. That’s how I read. But I know a few people who do not see the book playout that way. There is no visual for some, including our own reviewer Kimberly Livingston.

What kind of reader are you?

💫 Currently Reading

I am reading The Chestnut Man by Søren Sveistrup and it has me hooked. I will have a full review on the blog tour on the 24th of January.

💫 Back of the Book



October, Copenhagen.

The police make a terrible discovery – a young woman is found brutally murdered, with one of her hands cut off.

Next to her lifeless body hangs a strange doll made of chestnuts . . .

Assigned to the case is young and ambitious detective Naia Thulin, and Mark Hess, a burnt-out investigator who has just been kicked out of Europol. Struggling for leads they come across a mysterious piece of forensic evidence that doesn’t quite fit.

It points to a missing girl, presumed dead – the daughter of politician Rosa Hartung. But a man has already confessed to her murder, and the case is long since closed.

The body count keeps rising, as another woman is found murdered. Once again, a chestnut man is found with the victim.

Thulin and Hess need to make the connection between all three crimes, and fast, because it’s clear the murderer is on a mission that’s far from over . . .

Fans of The Killing, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Jo Nesbø will love this debut thriller.


This book would not be for everyone. I have to stress that it is graphic and gory in nature with some delicate topics.

Its also really a big thick book, so it has been all I have read this week.

💫 Book Mail

A range of lovely titles arrived this week. Thanks to the publishers for gifting me the books to review. I had nine packages arrive today but I won’t have time to include them in this weeks wrap up, so look out for those next week.

Let me know in the comments how your reading week went and what your current read is. I would love to know.

Happy Reading

Kelly x

9 thoughts on “#Bookish Weekly Wrap Up 6th – 12th Jan #BookChat #BookNews #BookBlogger

  1. I don’t skim read either. People have put their heart and soul in books and I like to enjoy every part, every word. I’m a mood reader, I will pick something depending on how I feel. Sometimes I’m surprised by the book I picked, but as long as it makes me feel, it’s okay. I like to connect to at least one character to really immerse myself in the events. xxx


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