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💫 Welcome, today we have something that little bit different. We have a lifestyle blog from our own J.A. Warnock. We also have a giveaway for you to enter to win some Forever Living goodies.

💫 A lifestyle blog by J.A. Warnock

In the year I was born a famous TV advert coined a famous saying; “I liked it so much, I bought the company”.  I can only assume that ad ran for some time as I have vivid memories of seeing it on the fuzzy, badly tuned, black and white TV in my bedroom and thinking it was kinda cool.  Now I would be lying or deluded if I tried to suggest that I had the means to buy a company but I will paraphrase and say I liked this product so much I joined the company. It isn’t as cool but has the virtue of being true.

Earlier this year after a summer of barbeques and booze, I was feeling a bit out of sorts.  I am generally pretty active and when I am not writing reviews for Love Books Group or running around the country pretending I can add, I am (believe it or not) a group fitness instructor.  The format for exercise to music is pretty straightforward. The instructor stands with their back to the mirror, facing the class so that participants can see themselves and the instructor at the same time.   This has two serious implications for the instructor. The first is that we get so used to saying right for what is really left (we are the mirror after all) that we should not be let out alone lest we try to give some poor unsuspecting soul directions.  The second is that we do not often see ourselves in the mirror. One fateful Saturday morning in early August, I caught a glimpse of my belly in the mirror during a cross crawl abs exercise. While not the most flattering pose for any individual, I was aghast.  No wonder I was feeling like a bit of a blob; I was roughly the shape of one.

Enter a friend of mine, stage left, with a C9 box and the words, “This will help”.

C9, which is part of the Forever Living Weight Management range, is a nine-day cleanse designed to kick-start a healthier way of life.  I will admit to raising an eyebrow and thinking this box cannot possibly tell me anything I don’t already know. “I am a fitness instructor for heaven’s sake!”  I will also admit that by thinking it should teach me something, I was missing the point. What the C9 gave me was structure. If not minute by minute, certainly a meal by meal breakdown of what I should do with my day.  It is built around the quality aloe drinking gels sold by Forever in 160 countries around the globe. That really got me thinking; so many people couldn’t get it wrong, could they? After a few days, I wasn’t reaching for a coffee before I opened my eyes, I was reaching for my aloe gel.  This will surprise anyone who knows me. I have spent my entire adult life being one of those people others avoid until at least the second coffee and yet suddenly I was a fully functioning grownup on a shot glass of gel. The measuring tape (that comes in the box) was also showing results and my gym clothes felt good again.

I decided that a bit of digging was required.  Forever Living has been around for almost 40 years and have built their business around the cosmetic, medicinal and nutritional benefits of Barbadensis Miller the aloe species grown on their own plantations.  Their eco credentials in terms of recycling and carbon footprint are good and the products are not tested on animals. Their product literature and website is littered with more awards, accreditations and endorsements than I could ever want to recount here.  The short version is I was impressed. It got better. The more I tried, the more I liked. So far I have switched to their shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser and hand-wash. I take the drinking gel every morning and their shakes before class and feel amazing.  The only downside is the shopping list of other things I want to try including the brand new Aloe Bio-Cellulose mask launched just this week.

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