#BookReview – Compose (The Arts Series) by Lily Kay (@AuthorLilyKay) @SoulMatePublish


  • Mental Illness
  • Adoption
  • Family Life
  • New Adult Fiction

♥ Blurb ♥

As a Korean adoptee, Louise Tanner has always felt like an outsider looking in. And the possibility of forming a romantic attachment is so laughable, she practically resigns herself to being single for the rest of her college days. She knows she needs to get over her fears, but she has to do it in a controlled fashion and under her own terms.

This means Gavin is most definitely not an option. Not the hunky graduate student that everyone idolizes.

She’s spent her entire life having people think she’s not good enough—the last thing she wants is to hook up with a guy who makes her feel even more inadequate.

But when she’s required to attend his tutoring sessions in order to pass her music major, Louise realizes there’s more to Gavin—and to her—than she’s ever dreamed.

♥ Author Info ♥

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Lily has been writing and reading stories since she was in grade school. After finishing her Ph.D., Lily had a stint in Academia as an evaluation researcher. She teaches sociology part time and may drop a concept or two into her writing. When she’s not teaching or writing, she’s frolicking in the Rocky Mountains with her husband, two children, and two furry friends.




Review ♥

Compose by Lily Kay is book one in The Arts Series, published by Soul Mate Publishing. College roommates Louise, Nick, Matt, and Sierra know each others’ deepest secrets. For Louise (Louie) Tanner, this is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because her friends aren’t going to let her return to the dark place she ended up the summer before her junior year. The curse? Because her friends aren’t going to let her use the behaviours that she has relied on for years – namely her eating disorder and self-deprecation.

The apt title, in my mind, is a metaphor for Louie’s story. Her history is so complex and full of pain which can’t help but influence the new adult she is becoming. Louie is writing the next movement for her life’s symphony, one that she hopes is more uplifting than before. Gavin, the hot new grad student, might just be the major chord she needs to complete it.

This new adult romance novel deals with some very mature issues: bullying, adoption, suicide, sex, adultery, and mental illness. Ms. Kay writes about these issues with raw honesty, but also with an underlying humour that lightens the novel considerably. She nails the language and attitude of the generation. At the heart of Compose is a love story, one that has the power to heal.

Book two in The Arts Series, Portrait, is due out later this year.

By Kimberly Livingston for Love Books Group

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