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  • Dystopian
  • Comtemporary
  • Fiction
  • Print Length: 384 pages
  • Publisher: HQ (21 Aug. 2018)



In a world where women are silenced, would you speak up?

Greetings, to all Pure Women.

You should all be fitted with your new wrist counters. A symbol of your purity and devotion to your family. Life is simpler now. Just 100 words a day.

Your role is in the house. Your husband takes care of everything else.

You’re free.

Instead, you should focus on values of modesty, submission, humility and purity. Love, honour and most importantly, obey. You know the rules. Just one word over 100 and your wrist counter will send 1,000 volts through your body. Choose your words carefully.

You have the right to remain silent.

| Review|

Thoughts on the…..cover

I was instantly drawn to the cover and the synopsis of the book. The bold red letters against the black is so stunning. I had a peek at the US cover and I have to say my preference is the UK cover. It’s dramatic and memorable.

Thoughts on the….. plot

The plot is genius, it blew my mind when I first read about it. VOX is set in a near future America and times have changed. A group of male fundamentalists who want to reintroduce traditional family roles. Women are limited to a word count of 100 per day.Whilst wearing a fitbit style wrist band which will electrocute them if they go over the count.   With the current #metoo movement and the success of the hit show The Handmaid’s Tale. It paves way as a perfect time for a novel such as VOX.

Thoughts on the…..characters

Jean McClellan – Mother Wife Dr

She is a strong no nonsense women. The world around her has changed into such a farcical existence that it begs believe. I found Jean to be very relateable and true to life. I really liked her and  I was rooting for her. She refuses to believe that she is a victim of any sort. When in the books reality she is.

I loved that Dalcher didn’t make all the male characters evil and unreachable.

My thoughts on VOX

I really enjoyed the idea of the book after reading about it and I swiftly went onto the net to talk about it with my friends.

The concept is truly genius and I think it will be a superb movie or TV show. It played as one in my head as I read. As Dalcher set the scene for her dystopian novel I was hooked. It gave me goosebumps and I would stop reading and talk about it with my fellow book lovers and then dive back into the disturbing world of Jean McClellan.

The book for me was in two parts . The building of the world for the reader and the getting to know the characters. Part two of the book  is the fight to change the new rules.

In all honesty I loved the first half of the book, getting to know Jean’s world and daily life with all these old fashioned and cruel rules in place it was fascinating. I wanted to know and learn more about that. But of course the book has to move on and give the reader a resolution of sorts. But halfway through I felt my attention wandering, the book suddenly felt heavy and bogged down by unnecessary details and a far fetched twist that just felt a bit bleh.

There are lots of readers who will shout about the book because of the theme as opposed to the writing and the storyline. Which in a way is great promotion and it will mean a movie or a tv series.Which would be awesome and I think on the screen there would be even more that they could do with the storyline visually.

Overall a good read and a great conversational novel which would be perfect for book clubs. It will make you question your own choices and realise the freedom we have with our words.

VOX is a debut with such a thought provoking plot. I feel there is so much more to come from Dalcher.

Review by Kelly Lacey 

“My fault started two decades ago, the first time I didn’t vote, the umpteen times I told Jackie I was too busy to go on one of her marches or make posters or call my congressmen.”

Christina Dalcher, Vox

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8 thoughts on “#BookReview VOX by Christina (@CVDalcher) #100Words #VOX @HQstories

  1. This was not a book that I thought I would even entertain, but after reading your review, I might just have to check it out. You have tweaked my interest much more than other reviews I have read of this book. Thanks for sharing.

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