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4569A7C4-DA62-4ED0-B739-7DD45DC8A74B.JPEGToday on Love Books Group Blog, I am over the moon to host a review for Dan Fesperman’s novel Safe Houses.

  • Espionage
  • Thriller
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  • Private Investigators


West Berlin, October 1979. Helen Abell is a young American, employed by the CIA to oversee a number of safe houses. She arrives in Berlin, expecting excitement and intrigue, and is disappointed to find the city a ‘Cold War backwater’. But one night she stumbles upon two dark but very different secrets. If made public, they could damage the careers of high-ranking people with powerful ambitions. But Helen decides that the price of silence might be costlier still, so she covertly works to reveal the truth even as she risks her career.

Maryland, August 2014. In a small farming town, a young man called Willard Shoat gets up one night and shoots his parents while they are sleeping. His sister Anna hires a private investigator to help her understand her brother’s motives. Willard has always been slow, but never violent. Could someone have influenced him? As they delve into the events leading up to her parents’ deaths, Anna uncovers a whole side to her mother that she never knew about…

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Safe Houses by Dan Fesperman, write it down or pop over to your bookstore online and order your copy now.  My last few nights have been wonderful, engrossed in this superb spy thriller.  Now, I would have said pre-read that no, spy novels are not really my cup of tea. Boy was I wrong or Fesperamans brilliant novel has converted me.

The story starts in 1979 in Berlin, we meet Helen an eagerly ambitious lady.  Helen is the heart of the whole book and you will be cheering and encouraging her all throughout your journey.  I loved her and I really hope Fesperman, makes a sequel using the “mission years”. Helen is brave and ballsy at such a young age.

I loved the jump from past to present and how both paths threaded together made for a smashing story. I was trying to decide which I preferred and I just can’t decide. Both brought there fair share of clout to the table.

Having just googled to find out more about Dan Fesperman, I have struck gold, it seems there are ten previous titles that he has written and I want to read them all.

I really enjoyed the writing style, it was confident and caring.  Sucking me in more and more as I turned the pages.

A spy thriller that should be on the BIG screen, the world should meet Helen Abell.

Five Stars

By Kelly for Love Books Group


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DAN FESPERMAN’s travels as a journalist and novelist have taken him to thirty countries and three war zones. Lie in the Dark won the Crime Writers’ Association of Britain’s John Creasey Memorial Dagger Award for best first crime novel, The Small Boat of Great Sorrows won their Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award for best thriller, and The Prisoner of Guantánamo won the Dashiell Hammett Award from the International Association of Crime Writers. He lives in Baltimore.

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