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Today’s Bookstagram photo is: Mammoot Lost In Time By S.L Bray

  • Children’s Fiction
  • Action
  • Adventure

Review coming soon on Love Books Group.


Tens of thousands of years ago there were majestic birds called Tarridens whose job was to deliver babies. They performed this task very well, all except one particular Tarriden, a not so majestic fellow called Fladge. And because he wasn’t very good at delivering babies he got all the lousy jobs like delivering baby alligators and crocodiles that bit him all the time. Shaun Bray’s Mammoot, Lost in Time is a thoroughly charming tale about Fladge taking a chance to turn his life around when he chooses to take on a more upmarket delivery involving a highly thought of a pair of Mammoths called Lesorus and Rossmina and a cuddly baby Mammoth called Mammoot. Will Fladge succeed, or will Torco, the nasty head Tarriden, be proved right in his rotten assessment of Fladge’s abilities? Jumah and Elsa are a pair of young elephants who just liked playing around and being on their own, would relying on a myth, a mere bedtime story, help them to help Fladge make his delivery and will destiny play its part in this story that spans tens of thousands of years. Mammoot, Lost in Time is a gentle and funny book with a little bit of danger thrown in: A perfect bedtime story.

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