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Truly Wildly Deeply by Jenny McLachlan

  • Young Adult
  • Fiction
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Independence


Annie is starting college and she can’t wait for the adventure to begin. No more being told what to do. No more rules. No more labels. As a teenager with cerebral palsy, independence matters more than anything to Annie. The last thing she’s looking for is romance.

Fab is starting college too. He’s wild and energetic and he believes that the greatest adventure in life is falling in love. He’s left his home in Poland and he feels adrift in the world. The one thing he’s looking for is romance.

What will happen when Fab and Annie meet? Will either of them find what they are truly looking for?

Big thoughts, big dreams and bigger laughs, Jenny McLaghlan is the star of feel-good fiction.


From cover to read this book is fabulous. It ticked every box for me as a reader. Which doesn’t often happen. This book is the full package. If it was a service then it would be FIVE STARS. Beautiful cover, memorable characters, fast plot, emotional investment from the reader (ME) and writing so rambunctious with wit, fast-paced dialogue, perfect scene setting, loveable characters and so much more!

Why I have never read Jenny McLaghlan before? Where have I been? I now need to review Jenny’s back catalogue of books.

Let’s talk about Annie, our main protagonist of Truly Wildly Deeply.  We join Annie as she is setting off on her first day at college. Just an everyday young lady filled with anticipation and nerves. However, Annie has cerebral palsy which limits her mobility but my goodness, it doesn’t define who she is. Although, Annie has to fight at times for people to see her beyond her disability. I loved my journey with her and Annie is a character who I will really think of often. She’s a heart stay character.

Truly Wildly Deeply will have you laughing out loud one moment and crying ugly tears like a beast the next. A must-read for everyone.


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2 thoughts on “#BookReview | TRULY WILDLY DEEPLY|Jenny McLachlan| @JennyMcLachlan1 |@KidsBloomsbury|

  1. Ahh this sounds like such a good and beautiful read–and the cover itself is so colorful, it makes me happy. Gonna put this on my to read list for sure!

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