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Coming Darkness by Susan-Alia Terry

  • LGBT
  • Thriller
  • Fiction

Coming Darkness Complete


An archangel in exile. A powerful race of vengeful creatures. A world soon to be swallowed by Darkness.

Lucifer is not the Lord of Hell, in fact, he’s never been there and doesn’t believe it exists. He left Heaven of his own accord when he refused to bow to the humans. All he wants is to be left alone and live a princely lifestyle with Kai. Kai is a 900-year-old vampire who has spent the past 700 years living in pampered comfort with Lucifer. When an ancient evil is released, both of their lives are thrown into chaos.


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As a child, Susan was a voracious reader of all things not sanctioned by the educational system. Comics, along with tales of ghosts, vampires, witches, and monsters, fascinated and delighted – even as they fueled her need to sleep with the light on.

As the years passed, while still content to read what was offered, she noticed a growing desire to read something a little…different. The desire continued to grow until it became apparent that the easiest way to read what she wanted was to write it first.

And so, Coming Darkness was born.

What book truly inspired your life and why?

I think reading, in general, has inspired my life more than one specific book. I’ve always had an active imagination and reading compliments that. Each book is a different world. I love to immerse myself and travel with the characters for a while. I love that there are so many different worlds to explore and get lost in. Every book I read is an inspiration in its own way.

How did you pick who you dedicated your book to?

I dedicated it to my Dad. Easy choice. He’s the sturdy foundation of my family.

Did you do a lot of research for your book?

I researched angels and demons when I started writing, but I used very little of it. While there’s a lot of lore, it’s inconsistent and varied and none of it truly fit what I was doing. I ended up using the lore as a foundation but not a playbook.

If you had to take three books on a desert island what would they be?

Bloodline – Sidney Sheldon, Imajica – Clive Barker, Watchmen – Alan Moore

Can you tell us a little about your publishing journey?

I shopped Coming Darkness around to agents but no one was interested. The feedback I got pointed to the cooperative nature of the vampires, angels, etc. as the problem. I wasn’t all that surprised, a Lucifer who is not the King of Hell or the epitome of evil can be a hard sell. So I shopped it around to small, independant publishers. Creativa showed interest and so I signed with them, and they published it.

What would you like your readers to know before starting your book?

The Lucifer in Coming Darkness has never been to Hell because it doesn’t exist.



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Thank you to Susan-Alia Terry and Rachel Gilbey from Rachel’s Random Resources for the opportunity to be on the tour.

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