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The Case of the Frightened Lady by Edgar Wallace

Presented by “The Classic Thriller Theatre Company”


From Edgar Wallace, the “inventor of the modern thriller novel”, and brought to the stage by The Classic Thriller Theatre Company, The Case of the Frightened Lady brings excitement, secrecy and intrigue to the King’s Theatre this week.

After a ruthless murder at a costume party, Inspector Tanner is called in to question the residents and staff of the grand ancestral home of the Lebanon family. As Tanner gets closer to finding answers to the mystery, he begins to realise that all is not quite as it seems and, for the Lebanon household, the need to keep a particular secret comes above all else.


The Case of the Frightened Lady is a reliably entertaining murder mystery that keeps the audience guessing at each turn.

Although there is not a particular “stand-out” player, the ensemble cast give a solid, convincing and natural performance. The actors each develop upon the familiar roles of their characters by subtly hinting at a hidden backstory and therefore effectively maintain the “who-dunnit” nature of the show.

The sound effects were usually very impressive and successful, omitting the one or two moments where the noise of a scream just off stage sounded obviously fake, warranting a small giggle from the audience. However, for the most part, the sudden shrieking screams and alarming crashes of thunder made for an exciting and edgy atmosphere that on more than one occasion caused the audience to jump in their seats!

Overall, this classic take on The Case of the Frightened Lady promises an enjoyable and entertaining evening where you’ll experience a constant back-and-forth within your mind as you try to figure out all the clues before the thrilling, unpredictable climax!

Review by Kim Ford on behalf of Love Books Group



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