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This Script: Review
By Stella Hervey Birrell

Jenny Lindsay’s performance poetry never comes across as anything short of fearless, and her new one woman show, even in this draft form, is no exception. An exploration of feminism, female identity, online behaviour, pornography and commentary on the #MeToo groundswell, the content alone presented several challenges.

Lindsay’s delivery brings the audience in: using occasional Scots dialect to break down the most complex of concepts, introducing each poem with a mini-lecture on the –ism, schism, or life event that it relates to. Her attempt to unify, under the banner of ‘feminists have always engaged in healthy debate,’ was a welcome addition to the conversation on feminisms. There were some minor technical issues, but nothing that couldn’t be ironed out for future performances.

The poem ‘Have Kids!’ deserves a special mention, because it resonated fully both with me (a mother of two), and with my child-free companion. Like so many of her pieces, it was neat, funny, with a serious underside.

Lindsay is pitch perfect: smooth and clear – I didn’t miss one word, even when she was demonstrating a breath-taking vocal dexterity. A whole evening of her fast-paced univocal coloratura would be too much, but she knows exactly how much to give us, and when to ease up, and take the pacing back to having a good, but challenging, chat with a pal. It was a delight to listen to someone so on top of her game.

This guest review was written by Stella Hervey Birrell for Love Books Group Blog. You can find out more about her work here.   

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