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So happy to have Susi on Love Books Group blog today. My first ever book launch party on the blog was for The Damselfy by Susi. So it seems only fitting that Susi should have a feature in the last month of the year too.  Susi’s humour and honesty make her so incredibly genuine and it’s very refreshing. If you get a chance to go any book event with Susi featured then snap up a ticket and know that it will be fun and informative and you will come away with the book and if like me dive into it on the bus!


It looks like a regular advent calendar. 

Until DC Becky Greene starts opening doors…and discovers a crime scene behind almost every one.

The police hope it’s a prank. Because if it isn’t, a murderer has just surfaced – someone who’s been killing for twenty years.

But why now? And why has he sent it to this police station?

As the country relaxes into festive cheer, Greene and DS Eddie Carmine must race against time to catch the killer. Because there are four doors left, and four murders will fill them…

It’s shaping up to be a deadly little Christmas.

Interview ~ Susi Holliday

Q: How do you choose what to read?

A: Mostly recommendations by friends, fellow authors, bloggers and publishers. I am lucky to be sent early review copies and I will try to read as many of these as I can, but I buy a ridiculous amount of books every week because I keep hearing about things that sound too good to miss. My to-be-read pile has grown completely out of control and is continually being added to. It’s not often that I make the wrong choice with a book, but I can usually tell fairly early on if it’s going to be something I am going to read to the end.

Q: One book at a time or several on the go?

A: It varies. I used to be strictly a one-at-a-time girl, but I’ve found that since I started reading a mixture of paperback and ebooks that I can sometimes find myself reading a few, choosing which one to read at the time according to how I feel and where I am. But I’ve recently tried to stop doing that as it can be distracting and I don’t get as absorbed. My favourite thing to do when I have the time is to read a book in one sitting – binging on a book like that is like watching a good movie.

Q: How many books have you read this year?

A: Around forty, I think. I’ve tried to keep a record of them by saving the covers in Pinterest. It’s been a mixture of crime, horror, a bit of sci-fi, contemporary, YA and non-fiction. Forty doesn’t sound much, when I used to be able to read 2-3 books a week – but that was before I started writing them!

Q: Which ones would you recommend?

A: Three stand-outs for me this year were Exquisite by Sarah Stovell, Sweetpea by CJ Skuse and Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman.

Q: Do you have a favourite Scottish author or book?

A: There are too many to mention, but a couple that I have loved recently are Murderabilia by Craig Robertson and House of Spines by Michael J Malone.

Q: Tell us a bit about your latest book.

A: The Deaths of December is a serial killer thriller set in the run-up to Christmas. An advent calendar is delivered to a police station with a crime scene behind almost every door, and DC Becky Greene must convince her colleagues to take it seriously before the killer strikes again. It’s set in Surrey and it’s a bit of a departure from my Scottish set novels, but I’m pretty sure that you haven’t seen the last of Banktoun yet.

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Merry Christmas from Kelly & The Team, thank you for all your support and love in 2017.

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