Chasing Time Writing Retreats @ChasingTimeScot Day #2 #Review #Writing #Retreats #Scotland


Day 2

Chasing Time Writing Retreats – Stop The Clock

Arbroath, Scotland

I awoke in my fancy princess bed well rested and ready for the new day of adventure at the writing retreat.


Everyone gathered for a beautiful breakfast. You can choose to have a full English and they also have a vegetarian option.


The first event of the day was a brisk walk around the grounds of the Rosely House Hotel, to ignite the creative juices.


For the remainder of the morning, we had a flash fiction exercise, followed by creative workshops. I found these very inspiring and they really lit a fire in my belly. Perhaps that wee idea I have had for a while will come to fruition.

A beautiful buffet style lunch was set up by author and host Dawn Geddes for us all, with a mix of meat and vegetarian options. The hosts are very happy to accommodate dietary needs. I should add that Dawn broke her toe the evening before the retreat and she was a  real trooper. (Hence the croc shoes).



A full afternoon was set ahead for the retreaters to write. With one to one sessions with author and host Sandra Ireland. A time to get that important feedback and constructive criticism on your work.


In the evening we had a beautiful two-course meal and then we retreated to the bar area. With the open fire, it was very atmospheric.  The writers then had time to read a section of their work to us and we each had to comment and ask a question on what we had heard.


If like me your shy and the thought of speaking in front of people makes you nervous, don’t worry, on the retreats, it’s a light-hearted lovely feeling with zero pressure. You should attend the retreats with the knowledge that it’s a safe space to share.  You’re surrounded by people who all love the same process that you do.

If you would like to attend the next retreat there are limited spots available. You can contact the team via Twitter @ChasingTimeScot or telephone 07548 710 980


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