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Second Chances ~ My Review

So this book was a little different for me, why? I hear you ask. Well, I really enjoyed it but I detested the main character.  For me, it was like watching a reality television show where you dislike one of the participants, but their behaviour actually makes the show a hit.

Sarah is an opinionated, judgemental, feeble snob.  I didn’t like her from chapter one. But she makes the book brilliant.  Her actions had me cringing, she is just so annoying. But I didn’t want the book to end. She’s just not your typical book heroine and that in itself was refreshing for me. Minna Howard made the impossible possible.  I can’t recall reading a book where I didn’t gel with the lead.

This is not your average chick lit, it’s got a twist. This was my first Minna Howard book and I wonder if her other books generate unique characters.

The storyline is well thought out and the pace is perfect. It constantly moves forward.

Again I know I say this often, but I like the cover because it gives nothing away. It’s fresh and vibrant. Encouraging for those summer days spent at home in the garden or on a far off sunny beach.

I recommend Second Chances by Minna Howard and would love to know what you think about it too.

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Succumbing to a rather clichéd mid-life crisis, Dan Haywood swaps his family for an expensive red sports car and a younger woman. After 24 years of marriage, his wife Sarah is left to pick up the pieces. Trying her best to re-style her life, comfort hurt children, make time for ‘helpful’ friends and maintain her burgeoning career as a dress designer, Sarah feels pulled in a hundred directions. And it doesn’t help that obstacles – mostly in the form of other middle-aged men – seem to conspire against her. Proud of herself for moving house and starting to build an independent life, she is shocked when Robert Maynard, her rather dashing new next-door neighbour, insists that the house was promised to him. Now she is destined to be pulled into his life by events beyond her control. After one failed marriage, will she be able to find happiness again? And do second chances really come to those who wait? This book was previously published as The Orchid Lover under the name Mary De Laszlo

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