Every Secret Thing By Rachel Crowther @Bookollective @BonnierZaffre #GuestReview ~ Kimberly Livingston

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Every Secret Thing By Rachel Crowther ~ Review By Kimberly Livingston

I love books. Hardly a revolutionary statement on a book blog. However, in a world full of media (television, movies, magazines) that seem to be recycled, it is a blessing that novels are still, well, novel. The range of talented stories and authors out there is awe inspiring. Every Secret Thing by Rachel Crowther stands out as one example of a book well worth being loved.

Every Secret Thing follows the lives of Bill, Marmion, Stephen, Cressida, and Judith; five close Cambridge friends and the fateful summer weekend that changed or defined them all. The novel’s chapters seamlessly switch between the different characters’ points of view and it covers a twenty-year span, leading the reader ever more closely to the answers that even the characters themselves don’t fully learn by the end.

Because I read Every Secret Thing on my Kindle, I will admit that I didn’t pay much attention to the cover, as compared to a book that sits on my bedside table which I will gaze at often. After reading the novel, I am in love with the cover art, as it brings me back to the place that was so integral to the story. Another impact of reading on my Kindle is that I never was quite sure how much further I had to read. Every time I thought I had the book figured out, one answer would give rise to even more questions. Ms. Crowther did a skilful job tying up the story in the end. If I had any criticism at all, it is that I felt she could have taken it just a little bit further, a complete resolution for each of the characters in the book. That, however, I think was part of the author’s point. That nothing is ever completely resolved and not all answers are given. The door was left open for a person to envision what might come after, which I did with great flourish. This is a book that I will buy in print, one well worth putting on the shelf and reading again and again.

Published by Bonnier Zaffre on 29th June 2017. To order your copy and read a sneak peek extract see below~

Thank you to Rachel Crowther, Bookollective and BonnierZaffre for the ARC copy to review.


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