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june 29, 2016 (1)

Hello Lovelies,

Well, it’s no secret my absolute favourite genre is YA fiction.  I read lots of varied fiction genres for blog tours and for reviews. But I always have a book that I am reading just for enjoyment with no expectations or time pressure, that’s just for me.

So on a cold night a few weeks ago, it was late I was already snuggled in bed and I didn’t have a YA book on my Kindle. So I popped onto Amazon and there new Prime Reading section, I had seen lot’s of lovely YA books, I picked one at random and settled in.

So here we are now, weeks later.  It takes me a long time to read my own book but I don’t mind, so I finished it last night and I am hooked. When I went to check on book two and when and if it was available, I was shocked to discover it’s actually part of long series, seven books. I didn’t expect that but I am delighted.

So let’s get down to the review ~ Enjoy.

Kelly xo

The Gender Game ~ Bella Forrest 

#BookReview #YA Fiction

Have you had your fill of strong independent female in YA books? Tris and Katniss have really set the bar very high. But then we meet Violet Bates, a new female lead in The Gender Game.  Violet is instantly likeable, she’s not some airy fairy character, she has a tainted history filled with pain and sorrow but it doesn’t define her.  I enjoyed reading about Violet and it was easy to emotionally invest in her.

The Gender Games is about two nations Matrus and Patrus. The variation between the two is that in one woman rule over men and in the other men over women.  It seems like a very heavy topic but it works. It’s actually very revealing and interesting.

The book has a small tight triangle of main characters, they are all very strong in their own way. Each of them stands out and Bella Forrest is excellent in giving them all a different voice and writing style for each one.

I enjoyed the pace of the book, I was never bored. I did not have time to be, it carry’s you along with the character’s adventures. My heart was racing so fast at many parts and I was shouting at Violet a lot!

I am overjoyed to learn that the book is series and I cannot wait to start book two. If you enjoyed the likes of Divergent or The Hungar Games then you will really enjoy The Gender Game. Just now as I said it’s free on prime reading if you have Amazon prime already then you are all set up. You can also add the audio (which I did) for £3.49.

Bella Forrest has an amazing website please check it out.

Here is the link for the book trailer for

If you would like to order or even have a sneak peek you can do here ~


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3 thoughts on “The Gender Game By Bella Forrest @AShadeOfVampire #BookBlog #BookReview #YA Fiction

  1. I just saw the title of this book passing by in my reader and had to stop. Just because of the title, haha. Your review makes it even better! I’m adding this to my TBR immediately.
    [Especially since I’ve missed reading one book after the other of a certain series and if this is as interesting as it sounds, I have found my perfect solution. Thank you!]


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