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Victoria Watson ~ Crime Fiction Takeover Interview


Which crime novel stayed with you long after you had finished?

  • Defending Jacob’ by William Landay. I just loved the twisty, turny plot where you just didn’t know where to place your sympathies. I read it on holiday in Italy a couple of years ago and just found it utterly compelling. I still find myself thinking about it every so often. That said, I also think about ‘The Murder of Roger Ackroyd’ by Agatha Christie – I think that’s because I appreciate the way it was written. I guess there are crime novels that stay with you for different reasons. I fully expect that in several years from now, I will still regularly think about ‘Six Stories’ by Matt Wesolowski.

If you had, to sum up, Edinburgh in four words, what would they be?

  • Diverse, outstanding beautiful, fun.

Who is your favourite fictional crime character and why?

  • Sherlock Holmes. I love him so much that I chose my blog name with him in mind – ElementaryVWatson Blog . I think the fact that I share a name with Holmes’s sidekick also helped! Seriously, though, I find Holmes to be an utter dream.

What is your favourite part of Edinburgh and why?

  • What a difficult question. There are so many wonderful parts of Edinburgh. I think my favourite area, though, is around the Grassmarket. I love the independent shops and cafes. Whenever I’m in Edinburgh, I like to visit the Grassmarket and mooch about.

If you could have dinner with four fictional crime characters who would they be?

  • Holmes and Watson – of course. I think it’d be fun to see how Poirot interacts with Sherlock – I reckon it’d be a real battle of wills. And, finally, I’d throw Harry Virdee in there too. Some classic characters with a brilliant contemporary one.

About your own work, where do you find inspiration for your books?

  • Like most writers, I get an idea from something I experience – whether it’s something I’ve lived through myself or have heard about and then take that small kernel and work with it. I like to play with the ‘what ifs’. It’s an oft-repeated phrase but I write about putting characters in difficult positions and seeing how they react.

If your current book had a theme song what would it be?

  • Black Skinhead’ by Kanye West. It’s such an angry song with a wicked rhythm, I think it’s perfect for my main character, Colin, who’s a heroin addict. When I’m struggling to ‘talk’ to Colin, I listen to that song to try and get in his mind-set.

Write the scene of a crime for us, set in Edinburgh, one paragraph long. Include these three items ~ Banana, Greyfriars Bobby and The Wash Bar.

As I walked back to my hotel following a particularly heavy session at Wash Bar, I had the most peculiar feeling. It was as if I was being watched, no, followed. Footsteps echoed behind me despite the emptiness of the streets. As my pace increased, so too the other footsteps. I considered how to best protect myself should I be attacked. I thought of my paltry defences, with possibly the most useful object in my bag being an under ripe banana. As I passed the statue of Greyfriars Bobby, I realised that the footsteps had ceased almost as suddenly as they had started. It could have been coincidence but I would swear that I heard the yap of a terrier echoing in the night.

Do you have any events lined up either online or in person that my readers could attend?


  • I run weekly creative writing workshops in Newcastle so if anyone would like to attend, they can email me at Victoria.watson@elementaryvwatson.com for more info. I’m also responsible for the Newcastle leg of Noir at the Bar, the next one is on Wednesday, 5th July.

Could you tell us about your current novel and how you got inspired to write it?

  • My current novel is still a work in progress. It’s called ‘Fix Me Up’ and I must be very careful how I answer this question because if I reveal what inspired me to write it, I would be revealing a major plot point! Let’s just say that I asked myself ‘what if…’ regarding something one of the main characters does and it went from there! Sorry to be so obtuse!

Thank you so much for hosting me, Kelly. It was a real pleasure to meet you earlier this week. I look forward to seeing you in Newcastle soon!

Twitter: @elementaryVW and @vpeanuts

Victoria’s Blog

Victoria Watson’s Website

Victoria Watson ~ Amazon Author Page

The Piano By Victoria Watson 


Winner of the 2012 Story Tyne Competition, ‘The Piano’ is a short story about a man suffering from the effects of dementia, told through the eyes of his pregnant daughter.

Order your copy today ~

HUGE thanks to Victoria Watson for being on my blog today, I met Victoria at the Noir@TheBar #3 Edinburgh earlier this year and we had an instant connection.  Victoria is so funny and endearing.  So happy that you are on my blog today, and folks don’t forget to check out Noir At The Bar ~ Newcastle.

Kelly xoxo

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