The Dangers Of Family Secrets By @debbyholtauthor @AccentPress #GuestReview Kimberly Livingston


I look back at our married life and I wonder if there was anything real about it at all…

Genealogist Freya Cameron has the perfect life. A devoted husband of nearly thirty years and career driven, successful twin daughters.

But what if it s all a lie?

So skilled at excavating her clients family histories, Freya has no idea why her family are so cold towards her. They know something she doesn t and are determined to make her pay for it.

But sometimes secrets are better not left untold.

The Dangers of Family Secrets is a gripping story about trust, love and the destructive effects secrets have on a family.

The Review By Kimberly Livingston 

There are books that you open and love, start to finish. Those are the best kind.  Then there are the books that instantly pull you in, but leave you cursing the ending and the time wasted for the disappointment. Then there are the books that you don’t think you will like, the ones that sneak into your heart and slowly captivate you with plot, leaving you satisfyingly teary eyed at the end, grateful for going along on the characters’ journeys. This is what The Dangers of Family Secrets by Debby Holt was for me. The beautiful cover of blue flowers and golden moths give nothing away, but the title does. The Dangers of Family Secrets is full of them. Ms. Holt is a master at weaving together a whole cast of characters in an entangled web, and then just as skillfully setting it all right in the end. If you have difficulty keeping relationships straight have a notepad handy, but Ms. Holt develops her characters so well that they soon work themselves out while reading. You will find a character you love, ones you will hate, and ones you will love to hate. In the end,there wasn’t a single one that disappointed me.

You can order your copy here ~

The Dangers Of Family Secrets
Accent Press Ltd ~ Published 29/06/2017
Goodreads Page

Thank you to Debby Holt and Accent Press for our ARC copy and the opportunity to review.

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