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Every day we will have Authors from different genres answering my exclusive questionnaire.

Today on the blog, is

Moira Cormack ~ Crime Fiction Takeover Interview


Which crime novel stayed with you long after you had finished?

  • Duplicate keys by Jane Smiley. It ousted In cold blood by Trueman Capitol which was some achievement.

If you had, to sum up, Edinburgh in four words, what would they be?

  • Eclectic, grand, creative and formal

Who is your favourite fictional crime character and why?

  • Jackson Brodie who appears in a few novels  by Kate Atkinson. He is a male detective in touch with his Feminine side.

What is your favourite part of Edinburgh and why?

  • The Grassmarket at the moment but I am fickle so it might change by the time you write this up.

If you could have dinner with four fictional crime characters who would they be?

  • Miss Marple, Jackson Brodie, Rebus and Salander. To see what she makes if them and they her.

About your own work, where do you find inspiration for your books?

  • My inspiration comes from my day to day life. If something stands out for me I write it now. I have a soft spot for images.

If your current book had a theme song what would it be?

  • Five beans by Rozi Plain

Write the scene of a crime for us, set in Edinburgh, one paragraph long. Include these three items ~ Banana, Greyfriars Bobby and The Wash Bar.


Bobby hunched down at the gates to Greyfriars Church yard. He sniffed the air and he smelt of petrol fumes, damp ground and something else. Something elusive. He breathed in again but whatever it was burrowed away in his mind like an earthworm escaping back into the soil. Uncertain for a moment he snapped the end off his banana, monkey style, then took a bite letting the soft flesh squish against the roof of his mouth. When the time was right it would come to him but for now he must wait. 

Could you tell us about your current novel and how you got inspired to write it?

  • Bizarrely I can’t remember where the inspiration for my second novel has come from. I can only think of small snapshots of writing which have formed into a bigger picture in my head.

How can my readers connect with you?

Twitter ~ @cormackmoira


Ruby is unhappy at home and excluded by the girls at school. She goes to the forbidden bay to be alone little knowing that she is walking into a trap set by the Witch. On land life is vibrant and strange and the Witch’s cottage appears to be welcoming but all is not what it seems.

Join Ruby on her adventure in this thrilling story.

Welcome to ‘The Witch of land and sea’ a book for anyone from age 8 to 108 or over.

Order your copy here ~ Etsy Shop

Huge thanks to Moira for taking part in my special event.

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