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I met Jane Eyre for the first time last night in Edinburgh. I do believe she will stay with me forever.  In the National Theatres production, directed by Sally Cookson, the performance run is over a period of 3 hours. The stage is set in a such a simplistic style by Michael Vale but works marvellously well.  Wooden catwalks raised platforms and ladders are the main core of the set. With a small band on the stage also, which somehow disappears to the eye when the show begins.

JANE EYRE UK Tour 2017Royal National Theatre
Nadia Clifford (Jane Eyre) NT Jane Eyre Tour 2017. Photo by BrinkhoffM+Âgenburg

Nadia Clifford as Jane Eyre is strong in her role, from start to finish she demands your attention in a fervent but gentle way. Tim Delap is fascinating as Mr Rochester, his performance is loud and important the chemistry between himself and Nadia Clifford is electric, with the two bringing to life these staunch characters in a beautiful and extraordinary way.

JANE EYRE UK Tour 2017Royal National Theatre
Tim Delap (Rochester) Nadia Clifford (Jane Eyre) NT Jane Eyre Tour 2017. Photo by BrinkhoffM+Âgenburg

With a cast of ten in total, with many playing various roles. Some comedic relief came from Paul Mundell’s whimsical performance as Pilot the dog.  The show is fast paced and the music is superb. With some modern tunes snuck in which was a delightful surprise.

JANE EYRE UK Tour 2017Royal National Theatre
NT Jane Eyre Tour 2017 ensemble. Photo by BrinkhoffM+Âgenburg

I give the show five stars it is a one I would go and see again and again. Each time I know I would see and take away something different. The show runs until the 20th May at The Festival Theatre, Edinburgh.

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Thank you to @Edtheatres for the review opportunity.

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11 thoughts on “Jane Eyre @edtheatres Festival Theatre #Edinburgh #Review #Theatre

  1. As you know, I saw this last week in Southampton and I cannot praise it highly enough. Jane Eyre is a particular heroine from my childhood and this production was nothing short of sensational. Nadia Clifford is amazing in this, such an amount of dialogue to learn, never off the stage. Exceptional. I wish I could see it again and again and again.

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  2. Really like the sound of this. Sounds like you had a fantastic time. I wonder if it will come to Kent.


  3. I can’t wait to see this. I’ve loved the book since I was a girl and my daughter is now addicted to it as well. I didn’t know this was on so I’m grateful to you, thank you


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