The Sound Of Silence By Sheila Quigley #Q&A #Giveaway


Who is the new family on the Seahills? Who is it that spends her days staring out of the window deeply regretting her bid for freedom, yet still plotting? Can Lorraine Hunt put what happened to her three months ago out of her mind to catch a vicious serial killer who scalps his victims? Will Dev be allowed to bring his plan to fulfillment and what is the real reason he turned up fresh from prison three months ago? As the Seahills residents go about their daily lives more than one plot unfurls bringing about a terrifying climax. Will they all survive?

My Q&A with Sheila Quigley

SQ 4

Describe yourself using three words?

 I’m just me.

What inspired you to write your first novel?

I was making up stories long before I could read, half a dozen imaginary friends saw to that. One day when I was sixteen, Paper Back Writer. Came on the radio. And I thought. I can do that, and it followed on from there.

 What time of day do you like to write? 

There is no set time it’s basically nonstop. 

What is your favourite book and why? 

The Stand by Steven King. Just love his work. He is the master and truly the King.

How did you pick the title of your book? 

My books are all song titles. When my agent rang and said Random house wanted to publish my, Run For Home was playing on the radio. At once I thought what a fantastic title. I can do all sorts with that.

Are the characters in your book based on real people? 

No.  I think that writers see groups of people and take different traits from each one and that becomes a character.

What’s your favourite word? 

Haven’t got one, love them all.

If you were a colour what would it be? 


Do you plan your story beforehand or go with the flow?

Just go with the flow I love to be surprised. And often think, Well I never thought they would do that.

Who is your favourite Author? 

Steven King.

If you could give any literary villain a happy ending who would you chose? 

Smiler, the young man in my Holy Island trilogy. The first book being Thorn In My Side. He has suffered enough. I have even had death threats, saying if I let anything else happen to him, they are coming for me. As these are from fans, I hope they are joking.

Are you working on a new project? 

I am working on book 8 in the Seahills series at the moment, Killing Me Softly, due in the summer. Also writing a short film for an anti bullying campaign and have just finished a short film for domestic abuse.

Do you have any upcoming events our members can attend? 

Quite a few this year. The first one in march, at Newcastle Waterstones. With three other authors. KA Richardson, Danielle Ramsey, and Eileen Wharton.

Giveaway ~ The Sound Of Silence Paperback Book 



Thank you, Shelia Quigley for the wonderful Q&A and for the giveaway prize.

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