#Review ~ Scottish Vegan Festival @scotveganfest @ @Ed_CornExchange #Scottishveganfestival


Today’s festival was held at The Corn Exchange in Edinburgh. With doors opening at 10 am for VIP ticket holders.  A well thought out placement of stalls, gave you plenty of room to work your way around the large room.

What a wonderful experience the #ScottishVeganFestival was today. I am not a Vegan but I am extremely fussy when it comes to food, but today knowing that there was no dairy or meat produce in what I was eating. I tried and enjoyed most of the samples.  It was an incredible adventure and I cannot wait for the next one.

On my way around the festival, spoke to many stallholders and took photos. We hope to have a full-length review on the blog of some of their products in the near future.

Now for the photos of the day.

There is another festival on the 22nd of October 2017 for tickets information please visit

Thank you to the Scottish Vegan Festival for allowing me to review.

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