Exciting Day ~ Visiting The Team at Black & White Publishing @bwpublishing

Black & White Publishing 


Black & White Publishing was founded in 1999 by Managing Director Campbell Brown and Publishing Director Alison McBride. Since then, the business has grown into one of Scotland’s leading independent publishers with over 300 books in print across a variety of genres. Committed to publishing the best books from the most talented writers in the UK and beyond, some of our bestselling authors include Daniela Sacerdoti,  James Robertson, Estelle Maskame,  Nick Alexander,  Richard Gordon,  Alex Norton,  Millie Gray,  Sally Magnusson and Tony Black. We produce an extensive range of titles, including general non-fiction,  biography,  sport and humour,  as well as selected fiction,  young adult and children’s books.

Our Visit To The Office 


Joanne Baird aka @PortyBelle and myself @Lovebooksgroup made our way to the B&W Offices to meet the team after a wee stroll around Leith. As we were a wee bitty early. It was a lovely fresh crisp day so our wee detour was very pleasant. The office is located in the Ocean Terminal/Leith part of Edinburgh.  We had such a lovely reception by Lina and the team when we arrived. The office is very bright with large windows and high ceilings. There were 1000’s of books, it took all my might to hold my chin up and not drool. But I  did it. But on the inside, there were fireworks of happiness going off!

2017-03-10 12.36.53

We met with the lovely team, Lina,  Megan, Janne and Thomas. (Lina I am so sorry I didn’t take your photo).

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We then sat down for a natter to learn about who does what and the process of publishing. Which was so exciting and lovely to learn about everyone.

I had a lovely conversation with Janne Moller who explained the technicalities of the books being translated into different languages. See below two covers of the same the book by Andrew Nicoll. We discussed how well do books translate to other countries and that the book really has to be relatable to the reader.

2017-03-10 12.38.26

We then had the highlight of the visit which Lina had prepared for us, from one of Black & Whites own books  ~ Bake With Ma Broon


Buy your own copy here ~ Black & White Book Store

Here is the pièces de ré·sis·tance ~ It was delicious, thank you.

2017-03-10 12.12.21.jpg

Some snaps of the office ~

2017-03-10 12.37.302017-03-10 12.36.532017-03-10 12.36.492017-03-10 12.36.222017-03-10 12.36.142017-03-10 12.36.102017-03-10 12.36.042017-03-10 12.36.29

Black & White/Ink Road ~ Releases ~ Out Now & Coming soon

Check out the amazing Black & White Publishing Store ~ Here

I loved my visit, it was refreshing to see where a book’s journey begins.

To contact Black & White Publishing:-


You Tube




Huge thanks to everyone who made us so very welcome, thanks to Joanne @Portybelle for coming too. It was so much fun!!!

You can check out Portobello Blog ~ Click Here



After the tour, we had a little stroll back to the car and we came across this fella. He is Sandy Irvine Robertson, OBE, wine merchant, charity promoter, founder of Scottish Business Achievement Awards. Born: 11 August 1942, in Stirling Died: 20 June 1999, aged 56.

Joanne had a wee visit with him, it said that the sculpture was to life size. It was huge, it says on google that he was a bear of a man, standing six and a half feet tall and that he had a heart the size of Scotland.

IMG_4253 (Edited)
Sandy Irvine Robertson & Joanne Baird
IMG_4254 (Edited)
Sandy Irvine Robertson

A wonderful day, thank you so much for reading my blog. If you can please share, tweet and like today’s post.

Much Love

Kelly x


AM 100%
Kelly ~ @Lovebooksgroup


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  1. Books, cake and chocolates, (yes, I did notice them hiding on the bookshelves.) 😉 What’s not to love? Fascinating to see the other side of the writer’s pen. x

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