A Place of Reckoning by @burgess1012 @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours #TourRecap #April2020

A Place of Reckoning by J.F. Burgess Blurb Three women. Two bodies. One deadly secret. Pottery tycoon Charles Lancaster knows who kidnapped his wife. He’s sure it was the brutally dangerous ex bare-knuckle fighter, Patrick Dunne. Patrick promised to avenge his son who died in a tragic accident in one of Charles’ factories. It’s an … Continue reading A Place of Reckoning by @burgess1012 @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours #TourRecap #April2020

Breaker by Annemarie Allan @aldhammer @cranachanbooks @lovebooksgroup #Lovebookstours #TourRecap #April2020

Breaker by Annemarie Allan An environmental disaster. An undersea adventure.  Tom and Beth are not happy when they move to Scotland and find themselves facing a rainy, windswept beach, a house that’s falling to pieces, and a school full of strangers. But when an oil tanker crashes into the Bass Rock, their small seaside town … Continue reading Breaker by Annemarie Allan @aldhammer @cranachanbooks @lovebooksgroup #Lovebookstours #TourRecap #April2020

Heart of the Warrior by Lali. A. Love @laliaristo @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours #TourRecap

Heart of the Warrior by Lali. A. Love Lilac Noble must face the traumatic experiences of her childhood before she can conquer the dark entities that have wreaked havoc on her family. On this epic journey, Lilac undergoes the destructive process of spiritual enlightenment in order to lift the veil of darkness and shame that … Continue reading Heart of the Warrior by Lali. A. Love @laliaristo @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours #TourRecap

Whirligig by Andrew Greig @AndrewJamesGre5 @FledglingPress #TourRecap #April2020 @Lovebooksgroup #Lovebookstours

Whirligig by Andrew Greig Blurb Just outside a sleepy Highland town, a gamekeeper is found hanging lifeless from a tree. The local police investigate an apparent suicide, only to find he’s been snared as efficiently as the rabbit suspended beside him. As the body count rises, the desperate hunt is on to find the murderer … Continue reading Whirligig by Andrew Greig @AndrewJamesGre5 @FledglingPress #TourRecap #April2020 @Lovebooksgroup #Lovebookstours

The Identity Thief by Alex Bryant by @alexbryantauth @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours #April2020

Blurb A shapeshifting sorcerer called Cuttlefish unleashes a terrifying wave of magical carnage across London. A strange family known as the River People move into Cassandra Drake's neighbourhood. Are the two events connected? Spoiler alert: no. Reasons to buy this book: ✔ Good cover. ✔ Cheap. Seriously, the Kindle version only costs as much as … Continue reading The Identity Thief by Alex Bryant by @alexbryantauth @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours #April2020