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#AuthorFeature ~ Harriet Cummings ~ @HarrietWriter @orionbooks

Today we welcome Harriet Cummings for an LBG blog Author Feature. Harriet's novel We All Begin As Strangers was published earlier this year.  Book Synopsis How well do you really know your neighbours? In the English village of Heathcote the temperature - and the sense of unease - is rising. It started with small things - a perfume … Continue reading #AuthorFeature ~ Harriet Cummings ~ @HarrietWriter @orionbooks

The Returning Tide @liz_fenwick @orionbooks #Review

Two sisters and one betrayal that will carry across generations . . . In wartime Cornwall, 1943, a story between two sisters begins - the story of Adele and Amelia, and the heart-breaking betrayal that will divide them forever. Decades later, the effects of one reckless act still echo - but how long will it … Continue reading The Returning Tide @liz_fenwick @orionbooks #Review

We All Begin As Strangers @HarrietWriter @orionbooks #Q&A

It's 1984, and summer is scorching the ordinary English village of Heathcote. What's more, a mysterious figure is slipping into homes through back doors and open windows. Dubbed 'the Fox', he knows everything about everyone - leaving curious objects in their homes, or taking things from them. When beloved Anna goes missing, the whole community … Continue reading We All Begin As Strangers @HarrietWriter @orionbooks #Q&A