Calling all #bookbloggers #bookstagrammers and #booktokers – OPEN TOUR – Blackbird Singing by Graham Morgan #memoir #mentalhealth #nonficton #bookreviews #booktwitter 

I am organising a #booktour for Blackbird Singing on behalf of Fledgling Press.

Blackbird Singing by Graham Morgan

29th Aug – 6th Sept 

Genre: Memoir – Mental Health 

Publisher: Fledgling Press 

Format: eBook 

Open to reviewers: worldwide

It is a musing, a meandering through real life. It is not about drama, although there is drama. It is not about devastation, although there is devastation. This is a book about living, about understanding, about learning, about growing, about love and also grief; about summers walking the dog by the sea and winters when we are too tired to think. It is about answering the alarm when the world is so surreal and dark that school and work seem like an absurdity and because it is Graham, it is about the world of mental illness and compulsory treatment and trying to live a normal life when everyone says there is no such thing as normal.

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