An Honest Lie by Tarryn Fisher @DarkMarkTarryn  #bookreview #booktwitter #Anhonestlie

An Honest lie by Tarryn Fisher 

A fantastic thriller from start to finish. 

Rainy has established a nice safe life with her boyfriend Grant and when he encourages her to join the local Tiger Mountain club. A group for local women who come together to chat about daily life etc. When the ladies go on a trip to Vegas and Braithe one of her Tiger Mountain Club pals disappears Rainy’s life changes forever. 

I loved the dual storylines, learning about Rainy’s past and present was brilliant. It was non-stop and Ms Fisher keeps you engaged from start to finish. An Honest Lie is most definitely a hold your breath kinda read.

I was enamoured with Rainy’s past life and it played out like a tv series in my head. Taured was extremely interesting and terrifying to learn about. He is a character that will live in my head for a long time. Ms Fisher really has a way of bringing her characters to life.

If you love a psychological thriller with a fierce heart then this one is for you.

Perfect for fans of Helen Fields and Anne Fraiser 

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