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The Shadow Man by Helen Fields

Review by Kelly Lacey

A refreshingly clever read from Helen Fields. Not part of the ‘Perfect’ series but with a few cross over characters. Connie Woolwine is the protagonist an interesting strong woman with an intricate and detailed past. I didn’t think it could be done but move over Luc and Ava I have a new favourite. 

I felt there was a lot more of Helen Fields, behind Connie and for the first time as I read the book I heard it in Helen’s voice. That hasn’t happened before with any of the ‘Perfect’ books. 

I love Helen Field’s use of Edinburgh as a supporting role, it is delicious and it is definitely something I look forward to with her books.

I have been recommending the book to readers who I know will enjoy the writing and also that is a little less gory than Helen’s other titles. So it gives them a chance to enjoy the writing as much as I do.

I enjoy learning more about the backstory of the killer. It always makes me think more when I hear horrendous news headlines. I want to dive into the why and the how. Perhaps why I love crime fiction so much.

Another element of my reading experience was having my best friends name in the book. Meggy won a competition on social media and it was odd to keep seeing her name as I read. Luckily the fictional young character had the true essence of the real-life version. 

A strong female protagonist has great writing and a killer plot. Set against the backdrop of Edinburgh. What more could a reader want? FIVE STARS

Thank you to Avon Books for my gifted copy. All my reviews are honest and from the heart.

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