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Beyond Broadway Experience, Legally Blonde The Musical


In Edinburgh for a three-day run, Legally Blonde The Musical is a high energy feast for the senses. This was my first time seeing Beyond Broadway production but it won’t be my last.

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With over 160 cast members the Kings theatre roof was raised. Each one of them an intricate part of the show. I was blown away by the huge dance performances that included such a large cast. Every part of the stage came alive and the professionalism was sublime. I loved that everyone was included and their happiness and excited energy were contagious.

AJG Photography

Legally Blonde was made famous in 2001 with Hollywood superstar Reese Witherspoon as Elle. The Musical has the roots of the movie but with an added va-va-voom.

Lori Davidson as Elle Woods steals the show with a perfect performance. Commanding the stage with her gentle presence. Absolutely outstanding and I cannot wait to see what great things come Lori’s way.

AJG Photography

So an abundance of never-ending β€œsnaps” for this outstanding show. It’s on tonight and tomorrow (19th & 20th July) at the Kings Theatre.

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