The Cauldron Experience 🧙 – #Review #Edinburgh #Wizards #HarryPotter #LovingLife @thecauldronpub

The Cauldron Magical Cocktail Experience is coming to Edinburgh for a five month run. The exclusive event has been successful in New York and London. Welcoming over 100,000 muggles.

I headed to the event on Friday night to see if it lived up to all the buzz.

Upon arrival you are given a magical wand and robe then you are lead through heavy curtains into the wizarding cocktail experience. Wooden tables with cauldrons and bottles are spread about the room . It is all very exciting and there was a really special atmosphere.

The organisers have also worked with Innis and Gunn to create a brand-newbrew that’s exclusive to the event. It’s called “Three Sisters Pale Ale it is the first collaboration beer that Innis and Gunn have released in the UK and is infused with rosemary, honey and thistle.

The experience costs £30 and lasts for one hour and forty five minutes. It would be perfect for a party or if you love the Harry Potter books then it is a must on your things to do in Edinburgh over the summer.

Book Drive
Our co-founder is a former secondary school literacy teacher and the inspiration for The Cauldron began by engaging his students with high-interest reading content. We are running a book drive to create classroom libraries for developing readers in Scotland, and we invite you to bring a copy of your favourite childhood book. Help us to make a difference in the lives of young readers!

Overall it was a unique experience and if the feedback is taken into consideration for the main opening then it will be a huge success.

You can find out more and book your tickets here. All attendees must be 18+ years for booking to be validated upon entry – please note ID may well be required.

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