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Today on Love Books Group I welcome Fiona Morgan author of What’s Mine which out now in paperback and ebook.

💫Back of the Book

Bronagh seems to have it all: her own flat, a fantastic new job as a party planner and a blossoming romance with long-term friend, Max. Little does she know that someone is plotting to take everything away from her.

Elaine, now out of work, having been replaced by Bronagh, is hell-bent on revenge. She begins a campaign of terror, beginning with abusive text messages, which quickly escalates leading to devastating consequences.

Will Bronagh and Max’s relationship survive the turmoil that ensues? Will Elaine get the revenge she so desperately wants?

Set in Glasgow, this is a powerful tale of love, hate, manipulation and control, which examines the wide-ranging consequences and damage inflicted by a callous act of revenge.

💫 About the Author

Fiona lives in the small town of Airdrie near Glasgow with her husband, Liam, and their two daughters, Erin and Sian.

She works as a deafblind guide/communicator and a British Sign Language facilitator, learning British Sign Language after the birth of her second daughter.

💫Exclusive Feature

What character I have enjoyed writing.

I have written many characters throughout writing my two published novels, ‘Free’ and ‘What’s Mine’; from main characters, sideline characters, and bit-part characters, and I have loved bringing each and every one of them to life, giving them all their individual looks and personalities, even the antagonists and characters I know my readers will dislike.

Due to all the different personalities and idiosyncrasies of my characters I had to think incredibly long and hard about which one I had enjoyed writing so much that I wanted to write about them for this blog above all the others, it was honestly like trying to pick your favourite child, which obviously I would never do.

The character I finally decided to share with everyone is one of my favourites.  Her name is Miss Bronagh White from my new novel ‘What’s Mine’. I loved writing this character as she is a down to earth, kind, considerate, caring, independent, strong and beautiful young woman, full of life.  

As I wrote I tried to create Bronagh as real a woman as possible as I am fed up with the picture perfect characters you sometimes get and the definition of ‘perfect’ that the media try to project.

To achieve some of the realness in Bronagh, I made her happy within herself, she likes who she is as a person and on the whole likes the way she looks, but like everyone else on this earth, she has some wobbles in her confidence.  She worries over whether or not she is being a good friend, she worries about not getting her heart broken, and every now and then she worries about her looks, her curves and her weight, like a lot of women. She also worries about losing herself to her problems or her new relationship with the one person she has loved from afar and never thought she would get the chance to be anything more than a best friend to.

Being a strong and independent female is of the utmost importance to Bronagh.  She works hard to own her own flat and car, even if they are not the best of the best or even in the best area, she is proud of them. She is also proud of the fact that she landed her dream job and can start to work towards owning her own business, another dream of hers.

Bronagh lives by herself and refuses to give up her independence even when it feels like her life is falling apart around her, a complete stranger is out for revenge against her bringing her safety into question. She is not a stupid person and understands that she needs to rely on other people and accept help from her friends especially where her safety is concerned, and clings onto them and her boyfriend when her life and independence are threatened by a person full of jealousy and revengefulness, but as she is a strong female I couldn’t let her lie down and accept the loss of her confidence and independence, so after taking time to heal she gets back on her feet to live her life again even though it has been changed.

As I was writing Bronagh I could see her in my minds eye, I could see exactly what she looked like, her likes and dislikes. I could feel her emotions as I wrote, how much she loved her friends and her boyfriend, how frightened she was during her darkest days and how scared she was of losing everything.  I loved watching her grow and become stronger as my words and story flowed. I even had to put my manuscript down when my emotions got too involved, I knew where I wanted Bronagh to go, what she was to go through and where everything would end, but it was tough writing some parts of it.

I hope my readers enjoy reading about Bronagh and her life as much as I enjoyed writing her.

By Fiona Morgan for Love Books Group

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