#Saturday Book Blogging & Reading Weekend #BookBlog #SaturdayBlog #BookishChat

It’s the last holiday weekend and then the bookish world comes back into reality on Monday.

This weekend I plan to update my new planner and weekly board from Fox & Moon.

Prepare bog posts for all of next week and create two brand new features.

I’m also going to wallpaper the back of my book shelves. I will take a photograph of before and after.

I hope to read three books but I don’t have any pressure or need to do so. It would just be nice to get ahead.

I started using the Bookly app today. I love the time option on it and it is a great way to see how fast or slow you actually read.

Are you doing anything bookish today?

Let me know in the comments.

Have a great weekend.


13 thoughts on “#Saturday Book Blogging & Reading Weekend #BookBlog #SaturdayBlog #BookishChat

      1. The latest in the Invisible Library series just arrived, so I’m very excited about that!


    1. I like because it times your reading and it tells you how long it will take to finish it etc. Also there are cute little goals. I don’t pay for the pro version. The free one does what I need. Let me know what you think, please? Happy weekend

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