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Today Tanya Kaanta reviews Christmas at Turner’s Lodge by Rawley Wells. This Christmas themed novel is only 67 pages on Kindle.

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Down on her luck, single mother Josey Wright has decided to spend the holidays with her sister up in Buffalo. Things go not as planned when the blizzard she hoped to beat comes early.

Enter Shep Turner and his son, who offer her and her daughter shelter until the storm passes. Instant sparks fly between them and Josey’s not so sure she wants to leave the idyllic small town. What she’s always wanted, she believes she’s found in Shep and his family.

Once the roads are cleared, she’ll have to make up her mind to leave and if she does, the fairytale she’s in at Turner’s Lodge will end.

Was meeting Shep a Christmas miracle? Was it worth believing in love at first sight?
Josey has to make a decision that can change the rest of her life.

💫Review by Tanya Kaanta

Christmas at Turner’s Lodge by Rawley Wells

Just in time for the holidays, we’re treated with a sweet novella by Rawley Wells. Christmas at Turner’s Lodge is a quick read full of coincidences that turn out for the best, ladled with the spirit of Christmas and the coveted Happy Ever After in romance novels.
Josey Wright has not had luck on her side. Not since the father of her child left her the night of her daughter’s birth. But three years later, on her way to celebrate the holidays with her mother and sister, Josey is in store for some holiday luck and love. Finally. Though not before she gets stranded in a snowstorm.

Shep Turner is our perfect man. He’s friendly, he’s got a heart of gold, he loves all children, he’s a philanthropist, and he’s a Nordic God. Well, not really a God but certainly looks like one. And no, he’s not truly perfect, as he’s not quite forthright with Josey regarding his feelings.

But rest assured, in this short and sweet novel, our leads manage to work through misunderstanding and have their happily ever after.

If you’re looking for a quick read that will make you feel all warm and gooey inside, this is the novella for you. To be honest, it was almost too short for me, because I wanted it to last longer. And I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

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