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Today on Love Books Group, Tanya brings us her thoughts on In Tune by JN Welsh.

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♥ Blurb ♥

A tour manager determined to revitalize her career.

The client she can’t stop thinking about.

Workplace romance hits the road in this enemies-to-lovers romance from JN Welsh.

Luke Anderson needs a manager—fast. His last one quit, leaving his tour and his future in jeopardy. Now instead of focusing on his career, he’s forced to concentrate on damage control. Powerhouse manager Leona Sable is the full package—smart and talented, not to mention sexy as hell—but her past makes her impossible to trust.

When opportunity knocks in the form of talented EDM DJ Luke “The Musical Prophet” Anderson, Leona is ready to answer. But salvation doesn’t come cheap. Luke won’t sign until Leona agrees to his outrageous terms—including a no-sex-while-on-tour clause.

Dictating what she does in her personal life crosses a line. But Leona’s never been one to back down from a challenge.

One thing is for sure: if she has to suffer, so will he.

♥ Review 

In Tune by J.N. Welsh

I’m in love with In Tune. Why? It has so many elements of a romance I love. For starters, Leona is a strong, feisty, and intelligent heroine. Honest, I want to be her when I grow up. And Luke is misunderstood, more sensitive than he lets on, sexy, and talented. And quite swoon-worthy. What I love even more is seeing representation of an interracial couple on the pages of an excellent contemporary romance. Not only is it refreshing, but it also avoids clichés. Finally, I’m thrown into a facet of the EDM scene (Electronic Dance Music) to which I was ignorant.

I admit, this isn’t my usual choice of music, but the plot held my attention and actually made me Google EDM to see what it’s all about. Sure, I’d heard of some big names like Tiesto and Calvin Harris. But other than that, it was foreign.

Leona Sable is a music manager who has squirrelled away from her work after some bad PR and even worse fallout from a former relationship she’d like to pretend never existed. But DJ Luke “The Musical Prophet” Anderson needs a manager and his people want Leona. Because she’s the best.

Unfortunately, their initial meeting is less than brilliant. And Leona and Luke have some history connecting them, which might have to do with the fallout that forced Leona into hiding in the first place.

But it’s time for Leona to shine. She was the best before the incident, and she could be the best again. But now she’s got to wrestle with her growing feelings for an arrogant yet talented man. Oh, and he’s a client. So how do they get around that mess? With J.N. Welsh’s writing, it’s a beautiful and steamy journey.

They were being kissed by the moonlight and caressed by the sound of the ocean. It had only been a few days since they’d last seen each other, but they needed this time to connect to this new level…

When their lips touched, her body quivered as if releasing a year’s worth of self-control.

By Tanya Kaanta for Love Books Group


♥ Author Information ♥

JN Welsh

JN Welsh is a native New Yorker. She writes entertaining, often humorous, and provocative tales about strong, career-driven, multicultural heroines of color who are looking for love. Her punchy, flowing dialogue, and mostly big city stories are heartwarming and stick to your ribs.

When she’s not writing she can be found dancing, wine-ing, rooting for her favorite baseball team, and/or indulging in countless guilty pleasures.


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