“Fiona the Vampire” 🦇 The Dark Dossier October Edition @danklefstad

Today we have a review by J.A Warnock of the “Fiona the Vampire” series by friend to the blog Dan Klefstad. Featured in the October Edition of The Dark Dossier the story is condensed into one special article.

♥ Review ♥

It may feel like I have only just packed away the paddling pool but here I am thinking about Halloween.  The Dark Dossier October Edition is out now celebrating all thing Halloween and featuring a favourite character of Love Books Group; Fiona the… erm, maybe I am allowed to say it just once… vampire.  I had mixed feelings about seeing Dan Klefstad’s Fiona chronicles published as a single article.  The original files are full of originality and visual quirks that would be difficult to replicate in magazine format but this presentation in Dark Dossier has the advantage or drawing together the disparate threads and giving the reader (forgive the mixed metaphor and bad pun) something they can sink their teeth into.

As you might expect from Dan Klefstad, the timeline is a fluid concept and the writing flits from one age and/or perspective to another with dizzying grace. In addition to the plot, which walks the line between mundane ordinary and debauched horror, there bubbles a nature/nurture debate and the question of what it is to be human.  Endowing the protagonist and her kind with the ability to read a man’s mind creates a none too subtle subtext and a useful shorthand; one must remember that I know that you know that I know that… well you get the idea.  The basic mantra “trust no-one” tells you everything you need to know.

Joining Mr. Klefstad is a host of other writers exploring equally dark and daring ideas.  A cacophony of creatures, concealments and corpses.  I couldn’t in good conscience recommend Dark Dossier as bedtime reading but as long as the basement is locked, you have checked your closet for monsters and your home for axe wielding maniacs, you are probably good to go.

By J.A Warnock for Love Books Group

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