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A HUGE privilege to be starting off the Blog Tour for this marvelous book.  I give this book a 5/5 rating. It is a life changer!


About The Book 

Approaching 80, frail and alone, a remarkable man makes the journey from his sheltered home in England to Berlin to meet his granddaughter. He has six days left to live and must relate his life story before he dies…

His life has been rich and full. He has witnessed first-hand the rise of the Nazis, experienced heartrending family tragedy, fought in the German army, been interred in a POW camp in Scotland and faced violent persecution in peacetime Britain. But he has also touched many lives, fallen deeply in love, raised a family and survived triumphantly at the limits of human endurance. He carries within him an astonishing family secret that he must share before he dies…a story that will mean someone else’s salvation.

Welcome to the moving, heart-warming and uncommon life of Alfred Warner.

My Review ~ K Lacey

Even after just one chapter of the book I knew that my next few days reading were going to be enjoyable.
Alfred Warner’s life was certainly not your average. The book takes us over many years from when Alfred was just a little boy to when he is an elderly man. We are able to see where his life journey took him, we travel to many locations from Berlin to Ayr in Scotland and more. As he shares with us his life story it is heartbreaking at times and uplifting too. It touches on many heart-wrenching topics including the Holocaust, losing a child and death. The root of the book is loss and how Alfred copes. Alfred shows us how he deals with every important event in his life. We see how the different people that Alfred meets in life and the roads they chose for him, map out his future destination. How meeting one person for just a short while can have such an effect on Alfred’s life.
We also hear Brynja’s story. A young girl fighting an internal battle. Again she too deals with loss. A girl trapped and under control by “Others”. Can Alfred save her? Possibly, but not by himself.
A chance meeting on a train station platform engages one unsuspecting person into Alfred & Brynja’s lives. Her part in Alfred’s story being invaluable.
I didn’t want this book to end. It gripped my heart and held tight. Juliet Conlin writes the book in such a way that it is easy to flow from one character to the next with ease. The book is like a jigsaw all the pieces laid out and gently we got to put the whole thing together and the end result being you close the book, tears streaming down your face and you wish there was more.
I know that this book will be in my top ten reads of 2017, no questions asked. It’s in the same high esteem as The Book Thief by Mark Zusak and The Storyteller By Jodi Picoult. Both of which I continue to think of even all these years later. I know that I will think of Alfred fondly and remember the personal life lessons his story taught me. We learn that it’s so important that we communicate with people who mean something to us. To tell them their worth and that we love, like them it doesn’t matter which just so long as the people know they matter.
I recommend this book with my heart and soul. If you want to be taken on a journey then order it today. It’s life changing!

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About The Author 

Juliet Conlin

Juliet Conlin was born in London and grew up in England and Germany. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from Lancaster University and a PhD in Psychology from the University of Durham. She works as a writer and translator and lives with her husband and four children in Berlin. She writes in both English and German. Her debut novel The Fractured Man was published by Cargo in 2013. She is currently working on her third novel, Exile Shanghai, set in a Jewish ghetto in 1940’s China.

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7 thoughts on “The Uncommon Life Of Alfred Warner In Six Days By Juliet Conlin #Review @JulietConlin #Blog Tour @bwpublishing#RT

    1. WOW Mr. Conlin, delighted to read your comment today. You should indeed be grinning from ear to ear. Your lovely daughter has such a beautiful gift. Thank you for commenting.

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      1. I hope that ‘Alfred Warner’ takes off, and that her first novel, ‘The Fractured Man’ gets another chance with better exposure. There are other works in the pipeline as well that have not yet seen the light of day. *BTW* both Juliet and I are firm fans of T.C. Boyle – hope he shakes up Donald J. aka #SCROTUS (So Called Ruler of the United States).


  1. Juliet, if you see this (or anyone with a good idea for questions)…. This is our inaugural book club’s first selection and we are meeting to discuss at the beginning of February 2018. I have searched the Internet for appropriate book club questions/things to think about but to no avail! If there are any that you could let me have, I’d be very grateful. Fantastic book!!


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